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Everything posted by kelton

  1. doing any services need some cash
  2. post your prices bellow
  3. Can i get ban for using this? playing on a special account my friend who died use to play on it
  4. whats the best method to get 60/60/60?
  5. need money for a bond looking to do quest/powerleveling/minigames post here or add me on skype live:keltonsrs
  6. bummmmmmmp
  7. still need some work
  8. still looking
  9. 4.5m
  10. lol it telyd away from someone wearing this non of that is on my anti pk https://gyazo.com/767162dc0fc0ba9d148565f334b15f45
  11. i am interested in doing this
  12. i also was baby sitting my bot for awile and notice it got pked because it put on a game neclas instead of a glory even when i had glorys left in the bank and the amount of pkers is crazy now it almost needs to tely every trip
  13. i just got this script again after a few months not using it i notice it sometimes takes a wile to pick up loot and just stands there
  14. trying to rebuild bank looking to do questing/powerleveling mini games
  15. i used a local script once and got hack
  16. ok
  17. do you need this done still?
  18. you think it would be faster to make them into runecrafters? wouldent i need to get mining and agility up
  19. very funny m8
  20. how thoughtfull of you
  21. hand done
  22. the past 3 days i did then i got ban i bet i could have gone alot more if i didnt do that
  23. made almost 70m until my first account got ban :/
  24. just came to check on my bot and it was stuck in 44 wildy