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  1. use VPN and set up several VMs on your device (properly) E: idk if you tried it but spoofing MAC and HWID should help too.
  2. Any luck with the internet stuff or are updates unlikely for a long time?
  3. Hi. Can you add a feature that makes my user switch worlds when the area in which the script searches for NPCs contains more than one player?
  4. you are using some other rs-related service that keeps hacking you. And how is that free bitcoin generator working out for you atm?
  5. nope, properly aged and pre-conditioned for botting.
  6. i'd say this script has been nicely profiled by BotWatch now . Tested today with one account - set it up right before UK work day starts and got it banned 11:12 UK time. Taco, LG compatiability maybe?
  7. Massive improvement is required from scriptwriters i guess
  8. getting the same exact error today
  9. Last location before getting banned?: GE Skill botted?: none Breaks or no? did not use break handler, script has built-in breaks If so how long?: N/A How long did you bot per day?: 12h Banned before?: not on those IPs/VPSs Type of ban?: Macroing major, perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) VPS x 6 Scripts Used? Tau GE only Other Bots Used?: N/A How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 per VPS Date banned?: 24.08.2016 Fresh account/Days acc used?: several months old accounts with stats and some qp Do not use that script until Saturday at least. Jagex is on the lookout for its users this week. (read the ban related posts on the scripts thread)
  10. 9h is about the timespan of rs rush hour. If the number of players drops the profits also drop and some items go through a mini-crash when botters sell their stuff before weath bans them the next morning
  11. Jagex banned their mains. They are currently raging.
  12. anyone else seeing problems with osbuddy exchange atm?
  13. What you just did is a fine example of how NOT to use TRiBot.
  14. Jagex bans bots by profiling the "average" or "likely" bot. They do it by using account properties and playing statistics. If the script you use has been out for a long time and gets you banned fairly easily then it means it has been profiled and needs a re-write from the scripter + different accounts from you to throw off the system. I've used several internally very different scripts to bot the same method and the effects are notably better than when I only use one script (coded the scripts myself on both cases).