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  1. Could you please implement this feature? It would be very handy. And i don't think its hard to implement it, the character just has to run a certain route and click on different things etc. Watch youtube guide. Please add this feature i would buy the script right away. I really need rouge outfit and im not getting it manually cuz its aids
  2. Script looks very good, however, if you pickpocket npcs, you need rogue outfit. Is the support for this ? if not, is there any script that does the minigame to get the outfit or not?
  3. What are the ban rates on this? Looks awesome to me!
  4. Swapping between DMM and 07 both ways! Throw me a message on TriBot if you are interested on current swap rates/ or interested in swapping! I will never go first (Only in rare cases), but since I don't have much reputation in here, we can do small increments all the way down to 100k per trade, it's not a problem for me!
  5. Add an option that will sell the silk to the silk trader!
  6. Hello, I'm wondering if tribot will be supporting the upcoming Deadman mode, and if yes, will all the current scripts work with Deadman mode?
  7. Fake account WATCH OUT GUYS, THIS GUY IS 100% Scammer!
  8. No.. rsgp would drop to 0.3 in a month
  9. I think there is a blast furnace script already called "daxblastfurnace"
  10. Firefox (mozilla) disabled JAVA on their browser. Follow this guide to know how to enable it for a certain website: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-allow-java-trusted-sites#w_always-activate-java-for-a-site_2 Edit: If that doesn't fix the issue, just download the runescape client. It requires no java
  11. So from 1-55, how long does it take?
  12. What does it say in the bot debug/client debug?
  13. Press; Windows key + r then type %appdata% remove .tribot folder start client
  14. Have you tried to delete you .tribot folder?
  15. Seems legit