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  1. im sure you can find an updated mage book online, or can someone else supply this? do not have my own computer cannot add on skype/give details about lunars spellbook
  2. ban rate? Works very well so far btw edit: contact npc not working correctly, looks like its off 1 spell to the left clicking on monster examine
  3. worked, thanks
  4. davis is a cool dude, should get another chance
  5. Clicks on craft all and after 4-5 items crafted clicks on needle and item again and opens interface. really slows exp/hr why does it do this
  6. calling paying customers with legitimate concerns ignorant... nice
  7. Just got this account back it was locked for too many incorrect password attempts - I would appreciate any advice as to what to do in this situation I've never had anything like this happen before
  8. Just had 2 accounts get all the money taken off of it. Only used those two on the VPS. Buyer beware. To make this more clear: I have multiple accounts Only used two on this VPS Only those got the money taken on them
  9. Word on the street... That lil nigga ill Word on the street That lil nigga for real! You ever counted so much money it gave you the chills? Ran through a half a mil we aint got no record deal Sold my own dope, Rolled my own smoke Started gettin money couldn't trust my own folks I fucked my own hoes, and shit probably yours too nigga i learned how to weigh up dope when i was goin to school nigga thats why i thought it was cool to sell my dope at schhool nigga Anyways, here's little review of this guys service: Communication: 8/10 (took a while but he was helpful the entire time and hes a good guy with a sense of humor) VPS Itself: 10/10 everything as described Price: 10/10 can't really beat it if you're a gold farmer I don't know what other categories to rate you on but overall this guy is a good guy and his service is fast and great. Thanks again for the help see you at the beginning of next month boss
  10. What package VPS are purchasing? Burn 1 Which Bot do you want me to install on your vps? Tri, topbot Have you added me on skype? Yes Paying in 07 GP
  11. can you pm me or tell me info about buying with btc? i have .1
  12. If you're a free user you can only run 1 premium bot at a time. (At least that's how it was a couple weeks ago) And the ban rate fluctuates, I was going 24/7 at yaks and then a couple months after I stopped I hopped back on there for a couple hours and got banned. I'd say don't bot at chickens too long... Top couple IMO: Rock crabs Anything that farms money Woodcutting/Fishing Idrk though. Just my opinion. Hope this helps.