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  1. chrome doesn't support java.. so that doesn't work out.
  2. whenever i try to open tribot it does nothing. i click on it and i get the loading thing on my cursor but then it goes away and tribot doesnt open. this happens everytime i try to open it. ive restored my pc to previous dates and restarted and still have the same problem.
  3. found my problem, for anyone else with this problem update your java.
  4. when i open up tribot and start it i get the normal start up, but when the loading bar goes across it gets stuck and says "Updating: "substance.jar."" someone please help.
  5. when i click start script is says "Unable to start bot." any help out there for this?
  6. help plz
  7. how do u update a script. none of mine have been working for like 10-15 days. waste of vip...
  8. how do u download a script and use it? i download thenm then when i try to open the start script it doesnt work...
  9. its about scripts, where should it if if not here.
  10. who has a working fishing script? comment plz and tell me how to download because i always mess up.
  11. that doesnt help
  12. a couple worked but now there not agan...
  13. dude. it was my very first script and yeah, its pretty much the same i tweaked it a little here here and there but yeah its pretty much the same.
  14. my scripts end isntantly as i start them i need help/
  15. i get an error when i try to open the updater file and it says it cant loacate main.