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  1. In the event that this bot gets a chinchompa pet, does this affect the bots movement or clicking due to the pet? Also, what does the bot do once all the traps are gone and was catching red chins? Loving the bot so far! Really which 1-43/1-63 was an option or if you could recommend a training plan for these bots that would be great.
  2. @Flax May know more about this. I think it has something to do with how new your account is, but I may be completely wrong.
  3. asher roth

    Question about bans

    You can try giving it a 48 hour break with no login, then switching the IP.
  4. asher roth

    Desert Treasure:Ghostly Robes Script

    I would think it is too diverse since it could go a few different paths.
  5. asher roth

    Boom! trolling Jagex

    They can take my accounts, but can't touch my bank account
  6. asher roth


    Do you even java bro?
  7. asher roth

    TRiBot Release 9.226_0

    Looks good now time to get wasted.
  8. There is no 'protecting' rather than provide a better opprotunity of your account surviving longer to finish your goals. Don't take it for granted if you want your account to survive 100% don't bot on it anymore. I've had a 2 day ban on an account one day into botting on it and ended up maxing the pure.
  9. asher roth

    Lifetime authorization removed from account

    As stated might be a bug, just make sure you're on the correct Tribot account you purchased the script from. When contacting an administrator you should prepare the transaction ID, and a screenshot of your Tribot Repository purchase history to ensure it was a lifetime auth.
  10. asher roth


    You didn't have a rest period between playing 100% legit and going into botting. It states that it is recommended you use scripts made by the same scripter to prevent extraneous mouse movements and this would be another example. If I'm going from legit to botting I give it a 2-3 grace period of nothing then go 24/7 and can usually make them maxed. Using LG has helped me out tremendously as well.
  11. asher roth

    No TriBot application

    Maybe your firewall or anti virus prevented the application from fully downloading?