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  1. How much do you trust the person above you?

    Never wronged me.
  2. In the event that this bot gets a chinchompa pet, does this affect the bots movement or clicking due to the pet? Also, what does the bot do once all the traps are gone and was catching red chins? Loving the bot so far! Really which 1-43/1-63 was an option or if you could recommend a training plan for these bots that would be great.
  3. Favorite Mixtape Recently?

    Funeral & Grand Finale are really cool since those were actually supposed to be his final songs as he thought he was about to OD. Insomniak is his hype song and Thumbalina would be his closest to Macadelic. Yeah the song with Chance the Rapper was sick
  4. Favorite Mixtape Recently?

    @iant06 Wow he really reminds me of a Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper hybrid. Gonna listen to this whole thing, thanks! Faces is a little abstract from his other mixtapes as he was on the verge of killing himself with all the drugs he was on, but I think it might be his best mixtape to be honest. Takes a few listens to real understand it.
  5. @Flax May know more about this. I think it has something to do with how new your account is, but I may be completely wrong.
  6. This is an open discussion regarding any type of mix-tape that you've been digging recently. Feel free to share so we can expand our libraries with more music. Mac Miller - Faces Lil Durk - 300 Days 300 Nights Curren$y - Bourbon Street Secrets
  7. The Walking Dead

    The season finale really pissed me off as usually they'll expose something big on it, but left it a cliffhanger... But, yeah I've re-watched the series at least three times and I love how the new director is doing on these new seasons with the artsy episodes.
  8. [Selling] Runescape bot hosting | Instant setup

    Interesting, care to provide any reputation from other sites? Assuming you have quite a few from the nice graphics you set up for us.
  9. [QUESTS][FREE/CHEAP] Ruffski Quests [FAST][RSGP/Paypal]

    Absolutely, as a free service it should be easier for you to attain reputation. Just reassure your clients with safety such as leaving valuables in a pin covered bank or transfer to middleman/alt account. Good luck sir
  10. daily tasks

    Sets goals for yourself such as getting in shape for the summer in x amount of months. Once you start exercising for a few weeks it will fall into habit and will be very routine and a lot less likely that you'll break out of it.
  11. How to lose weight healthily

    How to lose weight: Change your lifestyle Don't limit calories, but intake Eat more protein to stay fuller longer Workout either building muscle or incorporating a cardio program of running or circuits, but be active By doing this you'll be able to still have your favorite things to eat in smaller portions without suffering from being hungry. Edit: Thank you for providing information for the good of people. Your intentions were to help anyone seeking to lose weight and I could appreciate that we're just reassuring that your information was a little off is all. You may have protein shakes if you're not working out or active, just don't substitute it as a meal replacement, but as a supplement. In the same sense you can eat candy bars even if you don't go to the gym.
  12. [QUESTS][FREE/CHEAP] Ruffski Quests [FAST][RSGP/Paypal]

    Goodluck, I'm going to offer some assistance for you real quick. 1) You need some assurance for the buyer for their account, money, etc. so provide how you will provide that whether it's middleman or letting them know simply you're not responsible for their losses. 2) Continue to be active on the forums, as your account isn't even a month old it's a little suspect to hand over money as payment and an account to a stranger so earn some credibility or provide evidence of previous cred. 3) For the amount of risk this is considering your lack of activeness on these forums your prices are extremely high. That's just what I had to say, do whatever the fuck you want.
  13. Proxies don't really matter if you're not doing gold farming activities such as combat training on several accounts even if its to get whips
  14. Best of Beethoven

    Really good when you're too high, hungover, or studying.
  15. j

    You're now entitled to purchase proxies for use on your bots which should help you out if your ip is flagged. There are also free proxies, but it is widely known that you don't want to use them at they're almost always 'used up' as in been banned a lot on that ip resulting in a ban immediately when you make an account.