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watch it ya

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  1. How many would you like to buy:10 Skype:i added you Do you agree to the ToS:yes
  2. every time I try to buy points for vip I get a message saying its being declind due to suspected fraudent activity that's with stripe. it even wont let me use paypal (my email is verifyd) anyone help??
  3. someone got a fix??
  4. happens to me aswell
  5. earlier today my tribot crashed it will not run any scripts with massive list of errors, the debugging for item ids doesent work either trying to get pics but im not used to this windows 8.1 shit
  6. thanks alot man
  7. gets stuck with looting bags even though I choose not ot loot them gets stuck for a fewe mins at bank then ends script maybe remove looting bags completely until its devaloped
  8. added u man
  9. hey there I need 50gps on my zerker for b gloves can do anyquests to get the points just need them asap paying in paypal or rsgp post with your price and skype
  10. added you but you are not responding I need 50qps done for b gloves
  11. hey mate I need a lot of questing done ill be adding you now
  12. not prequest items don't act like u know that was the first place I checked thanks
  13. please add ingame I need asap (wtch ya maul) will pay bonus if u can get to me within half hour
  14. ill buy sum kits add wtch ya maul