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  1. Is a bucket of water required to run the leech-version of this script or is 30 crafting + a hammer enough? I feel like there's already enough people cooling off bars but not enough fixing cogs/pipes.
  2. Sweet, thanks man, I'm sure Dax will fix that. What about crashes? People on forums saying LG crashes every now and then, how often would you say? Every 5, 10, 24h? @daxmagex, I was wondering. If I choose the "Fix Pipe" option (non-leech), does it fix the cogs (for peddles) too? I notice a lot of bots can do pump, stove and peddle but never fixes the cogs and end up peddling in vain. Also, if no pipes are broken, will it collect bars and continue making them non-stop or will it idle until a pipe breaks?
  3. Cheers man!
  4. Do I need to go through this if I wish to BUY credits with RSGOLD from other OSBot members? What is my current credit/month thingy(if yes to the previous question)? I bought 100+ credit a few months ago all at once (paypal) with no problems.
  5. How does this script run on the LG client in a crowded world like 358?
  6. TriBot's way of forcing you to buy VIP. Happens to me 24/7, I had some credits on my account that I did not know about so I just bought 2-day VIP to start my shit.
  7. How soon? It's almost been 3 weeks since you said "soon". I've gotten 50-60k/h GP at most. Maybe if you use sharks (heals more = less banking) and 99 thieving you might get 80-90k
  8. How is the anti-pk on this @ black chins? As soon as a white dot is on minimap, does it check if it's able to attack me or log out right away?
  9. Mate, I have one account, I want to run 1-2 scripts on my ironman. I'm not looking to goldfarm or use LG, I just want to be able to use the scripts that I paid for, for the price that I was promised, no extra dough. If I sold you a phone for $300 and then it doesn't work unles you pay me an extra $20 per month to use it, you'd be pretty pissed off too. But if I don't get refunded this BS, a dollar or 100, it's a matter of principles, I might as well try this eat-cpu-glass thing. How do I run it? I just hit "looking glass" when running the bot or do I need a legit client open at the same time?
  10. You win @TRiLeZ / TriBot. I'd like a refund on my 1 credit for wasting a dollar to run a bot that I should be able to run for free whenever you get back. You can check my instance manager if you'd like as well, I'm only running one bot and Premium Script (DaxHunter).
  11. That's 60k profit per 2-3h mate...
  12. IF. IF it works. I don't, I don't even dare restarting my computer bot once I get this going. @Mute are you able to check if anyone else has accessed my TriBot account recently? Like the past 4 weeks. @TRiLeZ halp.
  13. What do you mean? I hit "Start" once, no window with my scripts show up, only that annoying popup and then it opens up chrome and takes me to Tribot.org.