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  1. Im not even getting a confirmation email So I literally have no way of getting the bot started. I can log on the auth0 on the forums that’s about it. No confirmation email.
  2. So like the title says I will put damascus and/or obsidian on all your guns and save them as a blueprint. I charge 25 USD for damascus/obsidian or 40 USD for both. For the first couple trades I make I will put damascus/obsidian on a couple of your guns as proof before payment, and finish the rest after I recieve. Inbox me here or on discord Scuffed#5165
  3. I tried doing all this and still feel like somethings up. Only does around 3K steel bars per hour whereas the wiki says you should be able to get 4.5-5.5k bars completed per hour.
  4. Running the trial version, it is not looting any of the chests or sarcophagus.... Edit: Nevermind got it sorted
  5. What about if the account is kicked out upon receiving the sceptre and it drops on the floor, will the bot drop something in its inventory to pick it up?
  6. Thanks for the input everyone, I think that I might try campin's suggestion....just to be on the safe side. I would like to bot for longer periods but I'm high key traumatized from all the other agility bans I've gotten hahaha.
  7. I've had 3 of my favorite accounts banned over the years because of agility. Two made it 15-20 levels or so, the other was a base 80 main where I was able to get it all the way to 88 agility before being banned. Just wanted to see what has worked for you guys, for example: "What were your breaks? Tips on avoiding detection? What scripts? What important settings within said scripts?". Looking for any advice before I take the plunge again, this account is fairly new, haven't got a temp ban yet and would really like to avoid it. Just a bit concerned because I've lost quite a few more accounts to agility training and I'm worried this is going to be another poor decision on my part.
  8. That makes no godamn sense lol, lifetime was like 2 months of use for me then
  9. How come I don't own this script anymore??? Bought it when it came out, it was supposed to be lifetime
  10. So right off the bat 5 mins into my purchase i notice that if you get interrupted by a level up while placing box traps, the box trap will drop on the ground and the script will just place another trap over top of it. I think adding a feature to pickup traps that are on lying on the ground on your tiles. I can see how people could use that to troll bots, but you can code it so it only picks up traps if you have less than you started with (and like I said on your preferred tiles). I'll keep running it for a bit and keep an eye on it. EDIT: Yeah it actually does this every time I level.
  11. Can't even get the thing to walk back from the bank, used to be a great script but its not working for me anymore at all
  12. I was thinking of using this again (bought last year), but I've had many accounts banned by it and by reading the feedback, it doesn't look like you've updated it very much. I originally bought it for project fletch and it has been over a year in "development".
  13. Script got me banned again after 2 hours of use. 2 day though.
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