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  1. Can someone make a simple script that will right click the chin pet and click "metamorphosis" and change the color of the chin until it turns into a gold one? The odds of a gold chin are 1 - 10K. Thanks!
  2. Has this been updated yet? I still can't get smoke staff to work.
  3. 1. Have you used proxies before? Yes, very experimental though2. How long do you bot RS each day? 8-9 Hours usually3. How many bots do you run? max of 2
  4. Same happens to me, are you trying to use a smoke staff?
  5. The smoke battle staff is broken...Please fix. I think it still is trying to withdraw air runes, even though they're not needed.
  6. Has something to do with the battle staff, when I turned it off it started working.
  7. Still won't run: Bank/Inv: GUI Setup:
  8. I think the issue is even though I have smoke battle staff selected it still is looking for air runes.
  9. I have it wielded... The status is "Deposited items" Do i have to use stamina and magic potions? I have them set to 0.
  10. Can't get my bot to start....I believe I have all the required items...I'm using the trial...Any help? I have Glories, Games neck, pastel and mortar, lobster, runes, and Smoke BS.
  11. add me on skype jonathan.bood
  12. It's a cosmetic for the whips. But a lot of stakers have them on their whips.
  13. can support for lava and ice whips be added? I know its not really that important, but it would be nice to be able to use my lava whip...
  14. Would these stats be pristine for this script?: 70 Attack 90 Strength 40 Def 43 Prayer 80 HP with combat level of 87