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  1. @OptimusGood to know you haven't changed your ways. You're still a very subpar script writer. Boggles my mind why you're still here.
  2. Script is not perfect. Worldhopping upon player talk is bugged; the script keeps on hopping worlds in a loop after a player talks. It just keeps on changing worlds.
  3. As always, Naton with great script. This will definitely be a buy (after having extensively tried it pre-premium a while ago) for my future Zulrah accounts.
  4. @NatonJust want to say that this script is worth gold. The amount of support you provide, how stable this script is - it's truly a bargain using it for free. Thanks for reminding me that the free script repository at least has some integrity left in it. Keep up the good work.
  5. Don't expect it to improve, either. It has been this way since 2016.
  6. Welcome to Tribot, where communication and consistency is nil.
  7. Natively you can't adjust ABC2 yourself. I talked about this with Worthy awhile ago, he is able to create options for those anti-ban features you mentioned, but I am note sure if he wants to do it. I will let him respond.
  8. Most of these you have suggested are handled by ABC2 and human mouse data.
  9. After using that option, the script is now mouse hovering over the obstacles it used to right-click hover. It looks weird.
  10. @AropupuIs there anyway we can completely disable right click hovering? I have disabled it in the menu settings, but it still does occasionally right click hover on obstacles. If it's ABC behavior, is there in anyway you could override it?
  11. That feeling when account information is saved locally in the .tribot folder, and no one but you have access to it. In my 5½ years of botting with Tribot I have never been hacked. Lesson of the day: don't be a simpleton.
  12. Safest client is still the regular. LG does nothing...
  13. Can't stress enough how many issues it causes with scripts. For awhile we had a problem with a certain script not starting properly, and thought the issue was unique to the user. Tri's firewall ended up being the culprit. I always recommend everyone to disable it by default.
  14. Only thing you need to know is that avoid purchasing scripts from Optimus and daxmagex.
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