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  1. Yes, you're using LG...
  2. Some premium script authors need to be smacked on the head and stay consistent. I won't mention these authors. What I'll say is that, match @Aropupu's consistency and script managing.
  3. The post bugged. I work as a Goods manager. Did Trilez fix the bug? Or is your English really this bad?
  4. Good for you. I make $20 an hour sitting in front of my computer. Your point being?
  5. Good luck paying extra for a placebo effect It's okay, I was as ignorant as you and was defending LG religiously before, until I really tried the normal client.
  6. Quality > Quantity. Have fun getting banned 24/7.
  7. While you're at it, go ahead and ask Trilez for how long I have botted for the past months. I really feel sorry for you. But whatever dude, I'm enjoying progressing on my account. It's like trying to explain to a religious person the reality of things.
  8. Just how dumb are you? I use premium script... Seriously you are a fucking idiot and ignorant.
  9. Are you sure? Have botted on my for 5 months going for 5th 99 with normal client... It's just placebo effect, mate...
  10. Good luck. I have tried contacting him outside the forums. It's been broken for more than 3 months. Just bot on normal client. There's literally no difference in ban rates. Plus normal client is faster.
  11. During banking. Either way, I have already got 99 thieving with your script
  12. I swear reaching @Tri is like a million dollar wish.... Seriously can you be more consistent?
  13. @AropupuCan you add an option to eat to full health when going back to bank for refill?