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  1. Hey thats some bad advertising to a website that doesn't exist. Yea Zezima & Durial321 were the best.
  2. Well it looks like the ban wave got to his tribot account.
  3. ojjlo

    This is why

    It sounds like me myself, if they are botting very badly then its probably one of our competitors so I am forced to do so.
  4. Only 2 of the Jmods were hosting it on one account you VilleVillager.
  5. ojjlo

    Botting WCing

    Try to make a private one for yourself, or babysitting a bot makes them all work fine, with the help of unblocking user input!
  6. Oldschool RuneScape

  7. ojjlo

    Tea Time

    I would use this but the banking feature is not added. What a shame, going to have to do this legit, I love my tea profit.
  8. Seems to be a good script so far, but I like to pay without the new hporbs etc, so when I had them off the bot would randomly try to click in the run spot nonstop, can you please add it so if the orbs are not there to use the options tab > run, thank you so much!
  9. Very good updates, running very smooth, thank you so [email protected]
  10. This does not bank anywhere, do not waste your time, script is broken. Thank you.
  11. Not a very good script to run more then 13+ hours straight because if you take breaks then you will loose traps, and I just got banned on my main for just a day of test. Thank you
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