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  1. nicekiller94

    I think someone else is using my tribot acccount

    Still aint working
  2. nicekiller94

    I think someone else is using my tribot acccount

  3. Someone else is using my tribot account when i opened the user i find someone posting on fourms and stuff and i can't use the bot cuz ppl got another instance running , i changed the pw but there's no result so far. what can i do to boot them off my instance?
  4. nicekiller94

    Can't run a bot

    so im a free user but i bought a premium script , the client is bugging me and lately it just said "you are only allowed to run one script since you're not VIP" and i don't have anything running, i tried restarting PC and it's the same
  5. nicekiller94

    whats best bot to run 10x bots

    AIO dog shooer
  6. nicekiller94

    Error in VIP?

    I bought it 2 days ago or yesterday so i did restart the client MULTIPLE times but it still does this to me lemme show you a screenshot I didn't stop the script yet it stopped on its own: https://gyazo.com/d27953002a39b65361db5071149a7739
  7. nicekiller94

    Error in VIP?

    Hello, I bought VIP to be able to bot for a long time but the script [Flawless crab killer] disconnects after 2 hours , This means i have re-run it every 2 hours which kills the purpose of me buying VIP so can anyone explain how to solve this?
  8. nicekiller94

    VIP purchase

    I purchased a VIP and im still not VIP in the script i re-opened but still didn't work how long till it activates