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  1. I'm a very big fan of this script been using for years and got many 99,s with this. Only I just recently ran into a bug: Im training range atm and I wanted to have Dragon thrown axe as spec I fill in the form to pick 500 thrown axe in my inventory and use as special attack weapon. When the bot banks it banks all the thrown axes pulls out 500 again and then bank it again and repeats the same progress. Can you please fix this so I can train range at maximum effiency again.
  2. ur8m8

    PVP Script

    Looking for a simular script as Vswitcher, heard bad stuff about it so I won't risk my accounts getting ratted. My main thing im intrested in is in the auto prayer, any suggestions or can someone create u can pm me or just post ur discord under here. We can discuss price.
  3. I cant get the script to start I preset Mahogany Tables bank butler option and when i press start it does nothing. What I did, made a preset Mahogany tables, disabled mouse button middle and zoomed out selected butler as banking option. Have coins planks noted hammer and saw in inventory did i do anything wrong EDIT: Restarted my client everything running fine now
  4. ur8m8

    2 Day ban

    My pure got a 2 day ban about 2 years ago which is now scratched from my ban meter if I get caught botting again what would the next ban be also a 2 day or perm? anyone has experience with this?
  5. I need a working chinning script willing to pay for it also needs the ability to burst skeletons at ape toll. Willing to pay with paypal. maybe a special request a rag bot wich 1 items people at duel arena pvp and varrock square if possible for the trolls:P
  6. it needs to has its prayer up befor it starts getting lower hp with dwarven rock cake because everytime i get in it takes to long to get its prayer up while lowering hp and that results in dying everytime i go in please fix i just bought ur script
  7. Mute it has some problems with the freezing path just walks back and forward over the spikes with skelletons followed then teles out or dies can u please test your script with ur own acc atleast feels like i just donated 10 dollar
  8. I just died again the script needs to be updated feels like i wasted 4k chins now and about 25m please update ur script it seems the script just doesnt eat when out of food also has a probleem with freezing keeps walking around glitches
  9. Hello, I just bought your script and it was running fine untill today, I lost 25m plus I dont know what this caused because I was not at home. Not blaiming or anything but I spend 10 dollars on a script wich is also premium I atleast expected to run flawless and no deaths. It maybe caused by lagg but since im not the only one with this problem, can u look trough the scripting and atleast make a deathwalk safes a lot of ranger boots . Thank you.
  10. I want to max out my med level but it has a 2 day ban already and i really dont want it to get banned, like i am willing to train everything legit but im lazy af what u suggest for me to max out 99 att 99 def without getting banned what time breaks etc advice me i bought your script 3 months in a row now and i really like the script!
  11. using acc 85 def 94 mage 95 range but still the acc is not worth my 30 dollar yet it dies alot in jet phase cause it fails the rhytm of switching and doesnt eat while failing at the switches thats really the main problem tho if u can look at my highscore i got 130 kills 50 deaths or something wich is way to much for the price of ur script please fix it and make it worth my money
  12. yes i did in the view thingy but it doesnt range it all strange
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