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  1. I actually remember buying this before. Now under my purchase history as: 588 Removed script (id: 158) ? 1 1 Wed, 09 Oct 2013 02:27:06 +0000 Unlimited I was one of the very first few people to purchase it (hence the unlimited usage). I respect that you guys may have put vastly more work into this version than the one I purchased. What do you guys think? Do you have a history of the old sales?
  2. Okay. I still wish you a pleasant break regardless of your particularly blunt response to a paying customer, or perhaps the stream of recent comments from a few other unhappy customers has just left you a little short of patience. Hell, maybe I'm just a sensitive little flower!? Who knows. Best of luck sorting out the bot nevertheless and thanks for your work, I am looking forward to purchasing the full version when it's ready.
  3. just using the calc - grab from high scores or grab from game does not work... ? Doesn't really seem functional or accurate. I would like to officially apply for a refund (in points of course) for the following reasons 1) The "get from game buttons" were not working. Causing me to have to enter names manually. 2) The calculations for win percentage did not seen correct, I lost significantly more duels then I should have with the odds I was suggested, 3) 2 hours of usage so far, would more or less constitute a "free trial". Thanks for your work on the script nevertheless though mate. Hope you're having a nice break
  4. Before I say anything, the script worked beautifully from start to its untimely demise. Can I ask, is the time between advertising messages randomized at all? Also, how can users avoid bans with this script? I used an account with a variety of levels, and used for under 8 hours per account per day. I really followed the rules, took frequent breaks, changed the advert and moved location every 30 mins or so. I have to be honest here. I am very unhappy with my purchase. I had a perfectly clean high level account run this for less than a day before receiving a permaban. Considering I paid $15 to run the script less than a day I would usually ask for a refund... Of course this isn't how things work out here. Very unhappy.
  5. siryandi

    Lumbridge CowHideKiller and Banker [ABCL10]

    down due to new update?
  6. Love the new 2.4 update! Works like a charm, bought my 3rd auth and it was authorised very fast. Thanks guys!
  7. siryandi

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    did you follow the first few posts exactly? I had to copy paste the "com" folder in order to replicate the scripters screenshots This shouldnt be a problem, have you tried running anyway?
  8. siryandi

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    Shouldn't be a problem. have you tried just running the bot? I also have this issue [15:45:35] wCombatAIO: We successfully solved the Strange Plant random.[15:53:25] java.lang.NullPointerException[15:53:25] at com.LogicScripting.tribot.script.a.a(Unknown Source)[15:53:25] at scripts.combatAIOFree.wCombatAIO.run(Unknown Source)[15:53:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[15:53:25] Script Ended: wCombatAIO. Happened on a few accounts, each time after successfully solving a random. I have ensured Tribot is pointed to use the correct version of java. Also, once this error has occurred there is no way to re-run the script until the Tribot client has been restarted. Hope the info helps guys, great stuff. Am gonna be buying premium soon enough I did have one pre-purchase Question about CombatAIO premium , which may reflect how new I am to this site. Once I've paid for an auth code do I permanently own the bot or is it on a month by month basis for the price? Thanks again