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  1. Just bought the script last night, and somehow not able to run script smoothly for more than 10 mins. after around 10 mins my character will just wander off and stand there
  2. bake upp


    really cant figure this out. i've run tribot on multiple other lap tops but I just got this new PC and cannot figure it out
  3. bake upp


    Linux ARM 32 Hard Float ABI 77.77 MB jdk-8u101-linux-arm32-vfp-hflt.tar.gz ?
  4. bake upp


    which JDK do I download?
  5. bake upp


    when I download tribot and want to run it, what do I use to open it?
  6. Came home today to my accounts signed out and when I tried to boot them up again it said you need to be VIP to run scripts.. Even though I have been running premium scripts without VIP for about a month
  7. You say at level 99 you should Be getting around 400 per hour but I'm lucky if I get 285, anything I could to to increase the amount per hour?
  8. I just bought it and it's doesn't even work I start it in my scripts and it doesn't even come up it says error downloading script main
  9. Been running fine all day until about 30 minutes ago it just completely stopped doing randoms