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  1. I am intressted in purchasing this script, can i use to run essence more specific lava runes for my main (wich is not using the script), I want 3-4 runners, how many scripts do i have to buy ?
  2. Script works really great but sadly i am stepping down from the script, 7th account thru the drain all different ips, all with manual quests done all with an age of over a year... always get banned before lvl 70 most bans were at lvl 50 or 65... Always botted with breaks also a couple without wich the without breaks got the highest agility before being banned lol Not the scripts fault by any means just wanted to let this know
  3. How is the ban rate in seers village ? Higher than other rooftops ? Got 3 accounts banned all before 65 agility with QP and no noob accounts with and without breaks ? all accounts on a different IP
  4. Was actually an account i created 2 years ago had some levels on it aswell... but i got banned on my main the day before... so i think my ip must have been flagged and thats the reason why... I got myself a new ip and a new account so well see how this goes now
  5. Got banned the minute i hit 50 agility, not the scripts fault tho.. Made a new account on new IP adress did some quests lets try this again ?
  6. If you think breaks actually matter... your doing it wrong...
  7. How is the ban rate on this thing ? Not like rcing ban after 4 hrs ?
  8. Request: Fire rune crafter using duelling ringsDescription: Take P Ess from CW bank / tele to DA Craft fire runes tele to CW & RepeatPayment Amount: FlexibleTime: DependsAdditional: Need a good anti ban
  9. this doesnt add any names to the ingore list all names it checks are available how o i fix this ?
  10. How does this work ? i get instant mute when i use this :/
  11. couldnt find NPC on all NPC's worked yesterday
  12. Already sold it on another website but thanks anyways Sorry if this seemed dodgy but i'm more trusted on other sites... anyways... Sale was smooth and i got rid of it without getting scammed
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