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  1. Need Private Script

    PM me if you are available
  2. Need advice on sheduled breaking

    So I'm looking to be able to have my bots start a break on a given local time, such as 10:00am. I've played around with Tribot's built-in breaking system, but it only supports set intervals I've tried to use the Windows 7 task scheduler, by putting the computer to sleep and wake up at a given time. The scripts unforunately stop when the computer wakes up. Any ideas?
  3. [MOD] The Free Proxy Program

    1. Will you be active and helpful in the tribot community? As always 2. Do you agree not to do anything nefarious whilst promoting our company in your signature? I agree
  4. Appealing 2 Day Banned?

    It would take about the same amount of time for them to read the appeal anyway (IF)
  5. USA Bot Farm Tool

    This is fantastic, but I have a question regarding populated searches on an item I inputted the item "Pot" into the item list, but it seems to have trouble scrolling down the list to find the pot. So, is there a way to only just show the results for "Pot" rather than potions etc etc?
  6. Real life merching

    how do you manage to pay taxes?
  7. EXTREAM Gold Farm

    Are you pulling our legs m8? If not then damn.. has this set you back alot?
  8. 100% Ban Rate with TRiBot

    You need to be more careful next time
  9. Denied, you submitted an invalid username. Please verify that ur username is correct: "My Correct User" it doesn't seem to be allowing orders using RSGP as a payment option.. :/
  10. I'm looking forward to the rewrite too, it was a fantastic system when it worked and will happily purchase it again
  11. Need Private Script

    Thanks, but he's not taking private script requests for a few weeks apparently Still looking..
  12. Need Private Script

    Request: - Private script. Description: - Contact me Payment Amount: - $250- Time: - 3-4 Days Additional: - You need to be reputable and have the premium scripter rank
  13. Lifetime Premium Script Not Activated Anymore

    Same for me (Slayer script) & (GDK script)