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  1. I'm Having a error I start the script with law's doing the balloon method at castle wars. I start at castle wars with 3 pouches small, medium and large. It go's into the bank pulls out 3 air runes then ends. Options turned on are super energy potions and repair pouches. this is my debug: [21:33:12] Script Started: Auto RuneCrafter Elite.[21:33:18] Gui ATtempt[21:33:39] java.lang.ArithmeticException[21:33:39] at scripts.zc.G(NPCContactSupport.java:106)[21:33:39] at scripts.LawCrafter.K(LawCrafter.java:421)[21:33:39] at scripts.LawCrafter.run(LawCrafter.java:951)[21:33:39] at scripts.RuneSelectionGUI.run(RuneSelectionGUI.java:459)[21:33:39] at scripts.MindCrafter.run(MindCrafter.java:75)[21:33:39] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[21:33:39] Script Ended: Auto RuneCrafter Elite. Please fix asap
  2. Hello I have been using this script for around 2 weeks. I have achieved two 90's on my account. On average i was running this script for 6-7 hours a day I did run it for a 24 hour proggy picture below I really recommend this script. Picture links: http://imgur.com/616blA2 http://scr.hu/1pj7/pqr5z
  3. Isnt working for me it just sit's at the bank and keeps missing the flex when trying to withdrew.
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