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  1. Going to buy 2 bonds for promotion prices site looks really nice
  2. @warfront1 This script runs flawless for me! It's very humanlike and supports many locations. I've found out my version of Java wasn't the problem but the font of the script most probably is. What fonts does this script use I don't think I've got them installed that's why my paint and GUI looks like this.
  3. Somehow the text on the gui is unreadable for me. I've got Java JDK 8 installed..
  4. I've got Sigma Motherlode Miner it works like a charm. I don't know anything about wMotherload. I would suggest looking in both threads for problems or proggies.
  5. Awesome I remember running a script like this on a vps! Good luck on sales! Paint and GUI and thread look simply amazing!
  6. The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations Would have loved to see other ppl bot
  7. Great seeing you here LB I remember you from RSBotting. I used to be known as DarkSkyper on that botting site but I'm not sure if you remember me. I quit botting early 2013. Great seeing your proggies with Perfecticus his scripts those were great, I still talk to him sometimes on skype.
  8. Bought this script several days ago and I have to say I'm very satisfied. I think I know the method you're using for your pathfinding when I looked back at my Java lectures.
  9. How much ram does your machine have? And are you able to farm osrs without membership? I never knew that now I'm starting to wonder.
  10. Currently talking to you on skype wish to buy two bonds for $4 each PayPal
  11. decision

    Eclipse or IntelliJ?

    When I started learning Java I used BlueJ . Most of my projects nowadays I like to write with Netbeans since I'm used to the program and I know every shortcut it has to offer. Currently I'm getting the hang of IntelliJ and seem to like its UI since it's very simplistic and fresh.
  12. Somehow reminds me of the good old times and tehnoobshow. Mine was an empty gym this morning
  13. Hey Dax, I was wondering if your paint was inspired by Perfecticus from RSBotting . Proggies here seem to have great runtime, I will try it out sometime.
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