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  1. Caught you in your natural habitat hue

  2. Do you've a teamviewer? I can attempt to help you there.
  3. Perhaps it's due to a high usage of CPU. This would be a problem on your end rather than with the client itself.
  4. This could be a problem with the script itself and not the client.
  5. Make sure you're not downloading it from a YouTube video.
  6. That's also true.
  7. Adding scripts is rather easy. I can show you how via teamviewer or refer to this tutorial.
  8. Are you running in lite mode? Try decreasing the number of things you're running. Also, this is a recurring problem for many users that has been most likely noted by the developers.
  9. As RuneScape's userbase decreases, as will Tribot's.
  10. This would not be a client related problem, rather with the scripts. Try various ones.
  11. Have you added the scripts properly? Please refer to this tutorial.
  12. This sounds impossible to be the fault of Tribot. Have you tried playing around with sound options? If not, I can try to see what's up via teamviewer as it's rather hard to figure out what's going on through this.
  13. Disable it. Check "Use Auto Responder."