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  1. Very nice. Keep up the good work!
  2. nice
  3. I always used to use Playerauctions. You can find some really good deals sometimes.
  4. awesome
  5. Has your ip address received any bans on it? I reset my ip after each ban i get.
  6. A npc on tutorial island that allowed you to skip the island and go straight to the main land. He was there when oldschool first came out and was there again when f2p came out but hes gone now
  7. Encoded fisher by @Encoded Best fishing script Ive used. Has gotten me a few 99's
  8. Been botting fishing almost 24/7 for the past week almost and no bans so far
  9. If they could detect the client why doesn't everyone get banned?
  10. Back in the day it was possible but today it is almost impossible
  11. I've been fishing sharks at catherby with the same account for months now and have yet to be banned. I only bot about 4 days a week but I 24/7 when I do bot and don't use breaks at all. Their detection system isn't as good as they say.