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  1. For me it started with watching the english version of the cartoons at night, when I heard the dutch version in the afternoon. Back then we had no subtitles so I was translating stuff myself when I was around 6. Started to play runescape when I was about 10-11 years old. All the guides back then were also only available in English so I got forced into it with basicly anything I did. Also started to do video editing at an early age and also those guides and tutorials were in English. After that I just kept improving by watching all movies and tv-series without subtitles or in some cases English subtitles (helps a lot). Due to the wide variety of forums I am on, the games I play and also my work (where I talk a lot of English) I am able to keep expanding my knowledge. So my advice probably, just try to surround yourself with the English language as much as you can and it will naturally improve.
  2. Flash crawlers could be a hotspot though, because it's sorta popular
  3. @J J I was using the default Al Kharid banking script as it used to work without using bank path record
  4. Always gets stuck at banking at Al Kharid Bank, script says that 'I must be stuck' which causes it to log out. Re-work banking at Al Kharid would be nice ? Despite that this script is fucking amazing, would recommend
  5. Anyone tried Curse-Alching. If so any banns? Seems like something so easy to detect, but the great amount of xp/hr lures me into doing it ^^ Including breaks I am currently hitting ~78-84k xp/hr
  6. Happy Bday @Tri btw. Personally having the problem that it says that it has ran out of ammo and therefor stops the script. When the Primary Weapon is correct and Primary Ammo is also correct. After the update by jagex earlier today I started to have this problem. A few minutes before the update it was running perfectly. Just might need a fix or different approach method? Script in itself is freaking incredible imo. <3
  7. I think you mixed the prices of your payment options up m8 14 days is 15 bucks while 30 days is 5?
  8. @Montreal I have ran multiple test since and it seems that even when I would make an account the exact same way as I would make my own normal accounts it gets locked aswell. I used hotmail/Gmail and yahoo email accounts and verified the accounts with email. I made the account and did the tutorial myself after that. 1 account I trained on by myself for like 30 minutes than logged, I logged out 1 account myself after tutorial island (all done by hand). And the last one I played on for 1,5 hours doing some quests and a few levels and than logged out. When I tried to log into the accounts the next day they were all locked. There is nothing I could have possibly done wrong? Maybe they are recognizing your networks? I have no absolutely no idea, but this is weird.
  9. As you can see based on my Tribot profile I've been around for a while I know how to make my accounts on the same IP as the IP I bot on etc ... I do bot tutorial island, have this been a recent pattern? Because I always botted tutorial island without lock issues.
  10. "suspected it was stolen" >,<
  11. Like I said it are advertisement accounts, they only get a membership bond that's it
  12. How could they trace a "RWT" within 30 minutes when the office is closed though? And I buy fresh new proxies, tried out multiple sellers, same problem at all of them.
  13. @Montreal His VPS and Proxies services are pretty great imo and still $3.7 per proxy is not much. Only thing I think is annoying is that the only way of contacting someone of their team is using their ticket system which can take up to 48 hours. So if you often need a quick fix or a simple question that needs to be answered his service would not be good for you imo.
  14. I have always been botting advertisement in Runescape with not many problems. Sometimes a few banns but hey shit happends I don't mind. Now I've been getting locked on all my accounts very fast. Fastest locks I have had are within 30 minutes and slowest are within 12 hours. Anyone else experiencing account locking issues? I can't just unlock them by doing the forgot password, I genuinely have to make a unlock ticket with all kinds of information (old passwords, billing information etc etc). I make my accounts via freshly proxies from a company I never had issues with before. Tried verifying the emails to see if that helped but it didn't. Thanks in advance, - iWnB