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  1. I'm using the same items I've always used and the bot it's just going crazy trying to buy items for Half their price lol I haven't changed any my settings either that's why it's really really weird
  2. Script seems to be broken? All my items its trying to buy it for a stupid price for example, rune fulls helms its trying to buy them for 13k each. I have the same settings as ive always ran, anyone else having issues? Says failed to load node prices?
  3. Ya I think its down, must not be connecting to rsbuddy price servers?
  4. iWnB

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    @J J I was using the default Al Kharid banking script as it used to work without using bank path record
  5. iWnB

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    Always gets stuck at banking at Al Kharid Bank, script says that 'I must be stuck' which causes it to log out. Re-work banking at Al Kharid would be nice ? Despite that this script is fucking amazing, would recommend
  6. Anyone tried Curse-Alching. If so any banns? Seems like something so easy to detect, but the great amount of xp/hr lures me into doing it ^^ Including breaks I am currently hitting ~78-84k xp/hr
  7. Happy Bday @Tri btw. Personally having the problem that it says that it has ran out of ammo and therefor stops the script. When the Primary Weapon is correct and Primary Ammo is also correct. After the update by jagex earlier today I started to have this problem. A few minutes before the update it was running perfectly. Just might need a fix or different approach method? Script in itself is freaking incredible imo. <3
  8. I think you mixed the prices of your payment options up m8 14 days is 15 bucks while 30 days is 5?
  9. So far it has been interesting, at time it randomly says cannot find oak logs when they are clearly there in the bank, another issue is if one instance stops for whatever reason it stops all the other bots as well. Besides that working pretty well, would love to see tele tab introduction to speed it up
  10. iWnB

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    Only problem with the script is if I say stop after making 2000 bow strings it keeps going, if you could fix this please
  11. iWnB

    Auto Talking script for Rs3

    Bump stil looking for one or buying one if someone wants to script it (premium scripters obviously)