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  1. ZXCVster

    JJ's Rimmington Willow Chopper / Seller

    It just seems to get stuck whenever it tries to sell the logs. It just keeps clicking where the inventory tab would be.
  2. ZXCVster

    JJ's Rimmington Willow Chopper / Seller

    Bot randomly shuts off after about a hour of botting. Seems to be when it is trading the general store. [23:58:31] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.findNearest(qe:164)[23:58:31] at scripts.jjswillowchopper.Store.getCustomers(Store.java:31)[23:58:31] at scripts.jjswillowchopper.Store.tradeCustomer(Store.java:75)[23:58:31] at scripts.JJsWillowChopper.run(JJsWillowChopper.java:195)[23:58:31] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[23:58:31] Script Ended: JJ's Willow Chopper Remake.
  3. ZXCVster

    [$9.99/4m]wGDK[5 Locations][100-300K/hour]

    added you on skype, please add me!
  4. My bot got stuck in this exact location; unsure of what happened. http://gyazo.com/64b3607f2202e2dd4eb3fa9d77994163