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  1. I purchased this without reading the forum on it due to Trilez being the one who made it. If you can't trust the owner for quality , who can you trust? The custom area doesn't work ( yep, I watched the video ). After reading all the posts I now realise I was a fool to trust the owner to produce a quality product. Guess I'll join Newport779 in hoping for some type of support this year. This is an absolute shame........
  2. Could you check the MLM portion please? It runs to the edge of the map and tries to click outside of the MLM. Been like this for abut a week with me. Thanks!
  3. Bot world. Congratz on 1k posts.
  4. I think it's client side based on other people saying the same thing running other scripts. The "human mouse" slows it down some but not this much.
  5. Ran fine before update, now speed is cut in half. According to Mute.......................... https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44751-mouse-move-speed-is-very-slow-after-this-tribot-update/ Beats me, I just bot here.
  6. I like the more human like movements this has brought. I noticed that the exp/h does drop due to the new movement which I believe is a good thing. No one can maintain high speed for hours.
  7. Any chance of normal cosmic being added? Edit: Been gone for awhile. Need to build rc'ers again
  8. The multiple ditch jump occurs more times than not. It happens on both sides of the man house. Tried adjusting mouse speed up and down but no joy. Edit: If you could put a bit more delay in for the next click after it selects jump ditch it would probably fix it. Character doesn't have enough time to finish jumping ditch before script clicks again causing it to re-jump ditch.
  9. badkarma, on 18 Jun 2014 - 6:46 PM, said: Left side of men path? Both sides.