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  1. You can file a dispute, but you'll need to follow te guidelines of the policy. Read up about it in the dispute section.
  2. Can't speak to how erick has implemented it, but ABC compliance is coded by Trilez, not by the scripter. This type of antiban isn't hardcoded, but adapts to your playing style. Not saying that your comment is/isn't valid, but if erick has ABC implemented (as I'm sure he does), then it's not really something the script can control.
  3. @bellic, just sounds like a misclick by the script (possibly due to lag, like you said). Directions for getting the script sig in on the front page.
  4. Try canceling your dream. Also, double check you have money in your coffers. Finally, what's the message Dom is saying when you talk to him? (Might need to hide the paint).
  5. @Pants what's the bot status? Also, you can get the id by tuning on object ids (debug -> objects -> interactive objects). @tiger, a lot of people do wizards, druids, ogres, etc.
  6. +1 to this, we use AngularJS at my work, seems to be getting more common. Bootstrap is used quite often, it would be worth your while to look into it.
  7. I think it helps if you can post the bot debug. Also, make sure you have enough gp in your coffers to start!
  8. @bel, I personally believe anything over 65/65/50 is enough to get started. A lot of botters elect for 70/70/70. @Pants, I'm sure zainy would appreciate it if you could provide the (current) id for the stairs, as well as the script status/client/bot debugs. Also, I believe how the save settings is set up, it's not possible to seaparate multiple account's equipments. Hope this helps!
  9. It's a script issue, not a client issue. Please post this on the script thread.
  10. Looks like the script has deprecated or non-existing methods being used. You should report this error on the script thread.
  11. Made a long post describing what the issues were, but somehow it didn't post (on my mobile). In short: that was when the banking and equipment interfaces were jacked up, it's been fixed.