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  1. Thanks for sharing, good stuff
  2. I think it's important to stand up for yourself, and even though lifetime support/any support is going downhill in this world, its important to learn to not accept it rather than get walked on. People will take until they can, then take more, its life. Also when doing business like that it is a contract whether it be verbal or written, a contract is only as good as the guys word in this case, and if you care or not, that says something about the way "they" do business.
  3. Some things are a lot safer to bot than others, just learned what to do and not to do.
  4. I don't really want to complain per say, I just don't agree with some things and just like to voice it sometimes. Having a "contract" broken, then for example having to pay a relatively high amount for a script that you owned, but now its only for 2 weeks. On top of the client going down in that time and the fact the log in bot hasnt worked in 1 month+ I haven't been stoked on the product. So although it probably is the same thing, I say it because I'm not happy with some things right now, I still want to support this site and scripters
  5. Product sr

    Break handler

    log in bot hasnt worked for a month+
  6. don't hold your breath either
  7. Product sr

    Eagle's Peak

    I just wanted to test it out, was good overall. For some reason it got stuck on a few steps but after restarting the script it got going again, and if you care, if your varrock tab is set for the g.e then itll just keep tabbing over and over. Thanks man good work
  8. Product sr

    Eagle's Peak

    nvm, started next to charlie and it started working. Stuck on step 10, walking to mountain entrance
  9. Bro I'm not trying to peer pressure you into botting, your statement was right. I was just playing, no need to explain yourself to me brotha
  10. Seems like its been down 1.5-2 months, pretty much been unusable for me
  11. This doesn't exactly have to do with your script, but I have the issue only when using this script. Going on 1.5-2 months now my log in bot does not work while using this script, which for me makes this unusable. I just bought this script *again*, is there anything you can tell me about this problem, anything, is there anything I can do? Thanks Tri.
  12. Product sr

    Why I left.

    Great customer service huh
  13. It was a good run at least.
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