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Product sr

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  1. When trying to start a client I get this message : Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. how do I fix this?
  2. I've seen before where people were able to used a vpn to have different IPs on each tribot client they have open, does anyone know how to do this? Or if there are VPN's that offer that service now?
  3. Thanks. I'll be looking into it
  4. Thanks, I've been away from botting for a couple years
  5. Have you pm'd the scripter you purchased the bot off of?
  6. this may or may not help, maxed 60 attack 95 hp 52 pray= 82 cb, 75 att around 87-88 cb
  7. No matter how safe the bot is, if you're botting there's a chance of getting banned. So its up to you if you want to risk it.
  8. Call your ISP and get your ip changed, or use a VPN, or both.
  9. Yet again tribot wont let me run 1 premium script because it says im already running one. Please fix....again
  10. Erick can you help me get my signature working? I type in my name but says invalid user name. Thanks
  11. I'd like a premium G altar script for the public. There are a few fast methods if any scripter is interested let me know and I can give details
  12. bump
  13. not sure why this problem occurs so often. Non VIP members cannot run their 1 Paid script
  14. Hey, I'd appreciate if anyone could help. since randoms are disabled where do people alch now? thanks
  15. using the dh mode when the bot is out of ovls it will just sit back at like 60 hp and not use the rock cake to lower its hp, is there anyway you can make it if the acc runs out of ovls the bot will lower the hp anway?
  16. I don't have vip atm but you're suppose to be able to run 1 premium script and when I click start script an error comes up saying I can only run 1 free script for 2 hours etc. I don't have any instances running and I don't think I'm the only one with this problem. I hope it can be fixed soon
  17. It says it but I don't lol, again this is still an issue
  18. I'm having the same problem....
  19. Ah makes sense, so that has nothing to do with my client not starting?
  20. They really wanted you to know that you were banned
  21. I always get straight permed
  22. Impressive haha, I will say about a month ago when I was maxing out my main I was botting it around 20 hours a day no problems at all, But then I'll go to make a new pure and I cant even get the thing started.
  23. I do miss the days of botting my accounts 24/7, I only like to bot a few hours during the day now