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  1. Thinking of using this again... Anyone had any luck not getting banned etc?
  2. Material: <Emerald> Product: <Ring> Location: (Al Kharid) Issue experienced: <Doesn't select an amount to make just keeps clicking "X" amount > Picture: (http://gyazo.com/b21036be098cd42e5f53d7d1c52dbb3d)
  3. Yeah, its for my clan. So is there a way to do it with or without tribot?
  4. Request: - Display name checker for database Description: - Should update the display names on the database (pastebin, Google docs, Dropbox w/e u want to use) whenever a player in the database changes their display name. Payment Amount: - 15m Payment Type: - paypal or rsgp Time: - up to you Additional: - if you can also write a script that runs a name added to your friendslist through the database I will buy that as well. Add my skype pollypop7 if interested and would like to negotiate price and details.
  5. i keep getting this and it just stops [02:18:31] Login bot succeeded.[02:18:37] For the dynamic sig to work, don't block connection! [02:18:37] Please ALWAYS run the script in lite mode![02:18:37] java.lang.NullPointerException[02:18:37] at scripts.MasterChopper.Main.e(Main.java:181)[02:18:37] at scripts.MasterChopper.Main.run(Main.java:55)[02:18:37] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[02:18:37] Script Ended: Master Chopper AIO.
  6. Defiantly , I've got Syntha-6 Strawberry Milkshake. Its got the best taste ! I'd recommend that.