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  1. Type of service requested: Questing. How many accounts (Repeat the following 4 questions for EVERY account you wish serviced): One. What can be changed (Anything NOT listed can be punishable if altered, examples are stats, xp, bank): Prayer and defense can not be affected at all. You can spend money in bank on supplies (for quest items and supplies, only 300-400k). User(s) that will have access to the account: One. MAX amount of time that user(s) will have access to the account: 1 Day. Picture of account stats and high wealth before service for your insurance: Do you understand that you may NOT edit this post, you must re-post this form for any changes: Yes Do you have the required items?: No, hope you could help get them, will pay extra for support. Do you agree to the Terms of Service?: Yes Have you contacted a worker?: What you specifically want (quests/rewards etc.): Three quests: Tree gnome village, Grand tree, and monkey madness. It is 1 prayer and CB level 45-50. Anything else?: Paypal via paypal. Have you PM'd Crimson stating how much you're being charged?: No. You understand you MUST post on this thread otherwise you will not have an order with us: Yes.
  2. Script was going great. RS update. Script is broken
  3. mevsjad

    jFletcher v1.2

    Love this script. Gettin work done!! Here's a little proggy. It ran for 15k yews last night, but it stopped when it ran out of logs!!
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