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  1. There's a cc called "leech ba", they will let you leech a fighter torso for 14m. I got mine today. They're legit.
  2. Found it. Great script by the way, very human like.
  3. How do I remove the aMiner progress image? The thing that covers all of the chat box in game. There is no X to press.
  4. Awesome script man! Thank you. I only used the trial but those 3 hours were enough to get my rune defender. For anyone considering buying it, do it. It works great.
  5. Can a mod/admin please remove this script from the store? I almost bought it but decided to read the thread first and there are TONS of complaints. @Usa
  6. In my opinion looking glass doesn't do anything. If Jagex was able to detect bot clients then we would all be banned already.
  7. How do I set that up? I don't see anything in the GUI that lets me do that.
  8. Don't listen to all the nay sayers. I've been botting on my main pretty successfully, up to 12-14 hours a day in fact. Although with botting I do mean checking up on your bot at least every half hour to hour except at night.
  9. What quests/bosses do you use? I'm training melee and I'm barely getting 30k exp/h
  10. What's the difference between using this bot and Tri AIO combat? Couldn't you just set up your Tri AIO Combat bot to do the exact same thing as this one?
  11. Thanks and good luck