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  1. Problems Buying Credits

    I've had this problem also. The writer of a script refunded it due to some issues and ever since then I can't purchase anything because it says "failed Payment: due to suspicion of fraudulent transaction" . You can't fix this due to my knowledge. What you have to do is go to the forums and post an offer to buy credits from a 3rd party seller. Such as Osrs Gp or paypal. Go to this section of triobot to try and find a seller https://tribot.org/forums/forum/171-repository-credits/
  2. Buying 5 tribot credits-osrs gp

    1.2 osrs for 1 credit---total of 6m for 5 credits
  3. Buying 5 tribot credits-osrs gp

  4. Tribot does not load/Java help

    Hey man, I have the latest version--- Version 8 Update 66
  5. Tribot does not load/Java help

    Hey so I got a new computer and here is my problem. I have windows 8, downloaded java but when I try to run tribot, nothing happens. I go to my downloads and Right click the tribot download, the option that is selected is "open with- Java Platform SE binary. I have tried uninstalling java and reinstalling and nothing works. Also when I go to open with and try to find the java files, it has so many options I am unsure what one to pick. If anyone could help that would be awesome. Thanks
  6. Tribot loading problems

    Hey I just got a new computer, I downloaded tri bot but when I open it, it opens in notepad and just has a bunch of random codes. Any advice on what to do?
  7. Good to know thanks. Also for some reason the script stops after the ring of dueling crumbles, it wont take anymore rings(8) out of the bank.
  8. Hey, so I was trying to do the fire runes option, selected rune essence and it gets stuck at two points. first while trying to fill the pouches, second after they have filled. I tried it with pure essence and it worked just fine. So something with the rune essence setting is wrong
  9. [DEV] mLavaCrafter

    Might be kinda hard but if you could code it to repair pouchs in the abyss then that would be awesome
  10. TRiBot Beta 8.03_0

    Yeah i was wondering the same thing Do you mean clear dependencies as in deleting all the files in the dependencies folder?
  11. TRiBot Beta 8.03_0

    im having the same exact problem with EVERY random event.. Almost died to cap'n hook just now
  12. TRiBot Beta 7.51_0

    So has it not been fixed yet?
  13. Ankou Camper [Free] [Open Source]

    EVERYONE should be carefull when using this....Its a great script but so many people have been using it that jagex has started banning like crazy. On the rs fourms their is a thread where Mod Watch even said he has reported this spot to the anti botting team. Just be warned.
  14. [Free][Combat]Texan's DT Giant Skeleton Killer

    just started and its working great! You should add in some antiban measures if possible!
  15. Ankou Camper [Free] [Open Source]

    What am i doing wrong then?? I deleted the previous version....Downloaded the new one.....and ran it. Help me?