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  1. i need to gain weight im 6.1ft and i weigh around 10.5 stone i need to put on around a stone or 2 and i was wondering if you could help me figure out a eating plan ? i need to put on weight because it is slightly effecting my confidence and i am usually a alpha male kinda person but yeah so i just basically wanted to know if you can give me some sort of easy eating plan to gain fast i have a bit of money for more food etc but i need to know also if i need to be doing exercise that isnt gonna be taking weight off me thanks.
  2. thanks for the help i didnt want to ask for the top secrets just maybe some advice on how to make it do able basically like tips but thanks for your honesty i will say no more
  3. I am looking to start at a few more bots and i was wondering what the best way to run 10 bots easy is ? i know i will have to be there to watch them but i want to be able to use a vps to run around 5-8 and i can host 2-3 on my pc i am looking for someone to give me some tips on best scripts to make gold on and using multiple bots what are the best scripts to use to begin with on new characters to get them to be able to make atleast 175k per hour per account within a month of training them in certain skills etc any ideas on this ? thanks.