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  1. @Beg oh lawd, ill stick to using gods pizza topper for pineapples till then lol, your script is much faster and more efficient with banking and non-missed clicks. Thanks
  2. @Beg any chance you could implement make item : slice pineapples? with only withdrawing 6 per inv?
  3. @iant06 script works really well over all thanks so much for the script. So far ive only ran into 2-3 issues, the only major ones were https://gyazo.com/74dd481409b5da6f4429dd71f281cd8c id get stuck here ( sorry for the shitty screenshot ) trying to go through the passage and id just get hit till i teletabd out. and the other being that id get stuck in my house if my mounted glory isnt on the screen, but im about to rotate it and itll probably solve the issue lol... last being that its really slow to click the obsticles once your being hit and to teleport with the mage. If your not updating it anymore i understand, just figured id give you feedback either way : )