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  1. Massive vouch for this guy, I went first for a 17.5m total order and he completed it super quick and was always online responding to Skype !!! I also spot checked him numerous times on the VM and he 100% does it all by hand!!! Thanks again dude, you rock!!!!!!!!!
  2. i've ordered a lvl 3 to 70/50/70 stats and on completion will be ordering some quests too :-)
  3. Paying for someone to hand lvl my lvl 3 to 70att\50str\70def PM me offers and your skype or post here.
  4. Added everyone. Still looking atm.
  5. Not fussed on timing, however long it takes :-)
  6. Its cool I know you from pb anyway. If your up for it just create the service on playerauctions and pm me the link, I'll buy it.
  7. I'm paying someone $236 to hand level my fresh OSRS lvl 3 to the following stats: 99 att 99 def 85 str My rules are: Prayer must stay at lvl 1. The $36 dollars out of the $236 will cover the player auction fees. So you will make $200 profit. The sale must go through player auctions as they verify you and me so we both know we are legit. I will pay for membership. You must provide any supplies that are needed, you can remove the supplies i.e. armour/weapons once you have done the job. I will not login to the account whilst you are levelling it. If the account gets banned for botting you will need to start again on a fresh account I provide. If you are up for it please create a power levelling service on player auctions for $236 and PM me the link , I will buy it and then PM you the login details!! Please do not PM me or post if you don't want to use player auctions unless you are willing to take ownership of the account (change the PW/registered email) and get paid $236 on completion of the job.
  8. Have you seen the latest ban thread recently?
  9. This is useful, people should be aware of the fact that if your planning on botting more than you play your guaranteed a ban. It would stop a lot of people from signing up to VIP/VIPE just to get banned.
  10. You should change it to, you will get banned for botting. Using TriBot = Guaranteed ban.
  11. I botted on four different acocunts from four different VPS's with different botting methods - they all got banned. Looking glass / premium scripts / human mouse movements - they don't mean shit because you'll still get banned.
  12. Looking glass doesn't make a difference. Botting is dead, you bot you get banned, it's not a matter of if, but when.
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