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  1. Yeh 'kid' let me give hand over my methods and start making bank with you, gtfo
  2. Still on trial, keeps getting stuck here.... Can I have an extended trial please? I'll report all bugs I find.
  3. Tried the trial, disabled world hopping then it still tried to hop? Finished mining an inventory and just stopped dead.
  4. Thanks, tried the trial, got stuck after buying everything on 'walking to gnomes'. Also got stuck a little when buying an iron axe as it didn't buy at the preset price so it kept trying to buy them. Tried to restart script multiple times still scans bank then reports 'walking to gnomes'. Edit; web walking down?
  5. Hi guys, looking for some one to make me a simple script! Leave discord or HMU on tribot.
  6. Tried to do oak doors with this script and it is utterly retarded and very slow. Refund...!
  7. Strange took a restart and it fixed its self... Is there anyway for the script to go faster seems like it takes its time to go about things? thanks Worthy.
  8. I tried making oak chairs with the script and it kept going to phails and trying to un note items when it had already un noted them... I asked the script to make oak chairs and it makes wood wtf
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