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  1. Assume, I tried to save the script I have produced with no luck, I'm on an iMac and really don't want to be entering my loot everytime I set it up, what should I do?
  2. Could you add XP an hour/total and also I cannot find the dynamic signature part on the first page of the thread? Cheers
  3. In my debug I'm getting 'THIS 7'? What does this mean? Also how do I set up a dynamic signature? Cheers
  4. True, I try to balance it out and train them both, I'm currently curling 15kg easily, not a lot at the moment just want more power in my biceps, I do train my tricep just they're not as visible as biceps are.
  5. I am, but I have been trying to eat more to gain weight whilst going to the gym every day... I like getting pumped it's just keeping that muscle there.. I'm hoping to bulk then do some cutting just it's a hard to figure out whats good and whats bad. Cheers.
  6. Hi there, I'm quite skinny just started gym this month, trying to eat as much as I can to try and bulk this is my current state.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1nf8pleuv6siem/Screenshot%202014-04-18%2001.01.04.png Is that big or small? Cheers
  7. Been an amazing script for me got me 90 strength, 75 range, 80 attack, 80 defence 88 hp.
  8. How do we get profit, and profit p/h to work? Thank you.
  9. Get so frustrated, the script gets a random event and then gets teleported to the top floor of wizards tower... and doesn't shut down or attempt to web walk back to a bank to get runes to get back to original location... any fix? Also if I get an evil chicken and it runs away it some times becomes lost and cannot find its way back. Thanks
  10. Good luck with this script!
  11. For fuck sake, ran this for 4 hours AFK, it fucking runs away from the evil chicken and is to shit to fucking return to it's original position. So pissed off get it fixed.
  12. Been running for around 6 hours flawless! PROBLEM Profit does not update, all firewall are check to allow.