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  1. Hi guys, looking for some one to make me a simple script! Leave discord or HMU on tribot.
  2. Tried to do oak doors with this script and it is utterly retarded and very slow. Refund...!
  3. Strange took a restart and it fixed its self... Is there anyway for the script to go faster seems like it takes its time to go about things? thanks Worthy.
  4. I tried making oak chairs with the script and it kept going to phails and trying to un note items when it had already un noted them... I asked the script to make oak chairs and it makes wood wtf
  5. Tried trial on progressive didn't work just teled castle wars looked in bank and the stops its self. have all items too .
  6. Doing my head in, not being funny it's a simple fix and very frustrating for a simple fix especially when I'm loosing script time/vip time for something that isn't functional....
  7. Hi guys, Ever since RS updated two days ago world hopping has been broken really frustrating, not sure if its client side or script Thanks
  8. NowForPure

    Linux GUI

    No, changed os to windows
  9. Hm OS GP are you offering?
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