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  1. literally just bought the script and its on a non stop tele-loop of walking in the portal and teleporting back to clanwars.
  2. Is anyone else having the issue where it wont type anything in the autotyper and just stand there instead??
  3. Amount of gold to sell:34m Payment method:paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn:yes Have u added me already:No Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch:Yes
  4. Just got a perma Ban watch out guys they might be cracking down. Was only playing 6 hours w/ 6 hour breaks between each set. 95 rc downed
  5. 60 hours oh really? Bank update was yesterday... wanna let me know how that math works out?
  6. It is efficient as it is lol. You need to raise your emergency teleport percentage... I have mine set to 40-45% and i haven't died in weeks.
  7. Iv been running bot everyday for at least 12 hours without any flaws. Just a hint but 90% of the time the stuck at ditch or stuck at the bank glitch only happens when your connection is lagging or if you are using to much cpu. I use to get it every freaking hour but now that i turn stuff off and let the bot run i haven't had the bank bug in over 3 weeks. Also if the bot gets stuck at the altar manually log out and back in and it will usually fix the problem. Idk what ppl are bitching about tbh, have people saying everyone is having problems but its literally the same few ppl who are complaining everyday about the issues when in reality not alot of us are having this problem when i see 10+ bots running for multiple hours in the same world as me.. im just sayin
  8. yeah for the first time in awhile the script is running amazing with no problems at all . Have multiple 10hour+ proggies
  9. its running amazing now. Only problem im having is the null error every so often so a ring of life is needed
  10. checked it multiple times and still have yet to recieve one. Also check spam folder and it wasn't there. Have receipt to prove purchase
  11. bought premium last night still waiting on auth code email also where is the DL link? dont see it on front page
  12. Now it says im not authorized to use the script wtf is this shit as soon as i get to the ditch the script just turns off.....
  13. Hate when you posts these shots as if though nothing is wrong with the script even though a ton of people are having problem wit hthe ditch/ house glory/ have item in bank. Problems that have been going on non stop for a week but you keep saying nothings wrong on your end and we all get left fucked over. Since iv bought this script i dont think iv been able to run it more then 8 hours w/o a problem. Now its a problem every 1 hour. But hey it must just be us right.
  14. does work for me put it in script folder. when i hit start script the menu wouldn't even open up after that. Had to delete it just to be able to open scipt page again. idk what wrong
  15. how do i run this script. Not sure how to use it if its not a .rar or dev file
  16. have it set to catherby and yews. tried it multiple times. everytime it would get a full invy then run to seer's bank every time then stand there.
  17. isnt banking at catherby. After getting a full invy it runs to seers bank then idles there.
  18. experiencing same problem. I had to set the emergency tele % higher because after a few hours the clients lags super hard. Also still having the altar problem with it just standing there. Would be nice if usa put in a fail safe to home tele after 1min idle. Or if it can try to regrab altar because when i watch the script it seems like it usually happens when the bot clicks to enter the portal but right clicks it again just as you enter the portal and you appear at the altar but it still has the right click option up that says for you to enter the portal. Might be interfering with the script and making the bot think its still in the rift?? just a thought. Also feel like if there is even a slight amount of lag the script messes up instantly. If i try to correct the bot myself and craft the runes when it teles back to home and it goes to bank it ALWAYS gets the "item ready" option and gets stuck at the bank. So the only real option is to restart tribot all together because if you try to correct the bot yourself it still messes it up regardless.
  19. Starting to get extremely annoyed. Problems are all still here and not fixed. Still gets stuck at rift and the infamous "has item" while at the bank. Only thing that has really changed is client runs smoother. Literally cant run this bot for more then 1 hour w/o something going wrong and having to restart it. Not trying to babysit a bot might as well play the damn game...
  20. Having same problem. Bot has died 6 times in past 2 days. Not sure whats going on. I have Rings of Life in the bank its just not using them.
  21. Having this same problem. It puts the essence in pouches then just stands there and sayd "has the item"
  22. ^^ Exactly can't run it for more then 30min w/o something going wrong and having to reset it. I had it withdraw a invy full of lobbies and try to craft them at the alter lol
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