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  1. Hey there I got 80M RS3 GP from my main laying around. I just recently started playing OSRS again and would like some gp to get going. I got exactly 80M after selling my bank and would like to swap it for 16M OSRS GP. I will not go first as I've only sold 3 times in my past and got charged back $144 USD in one of the sales. I have no problem at all using a middleman and of course, you have the option of going first. Send me a PM for an instant response and we can message through skype or whatnot.
  2. SELLING 07 RSGP FOR CHEAP (0M IN STOCK) [restocking]

  3. Great MM. Thanks a ton Crimson for making my sale a success, will come back for sure
  4. I am the: Seller The buyer is: johnfromthecon The seller is: bradoliveira The buyer's Skype is: bewaretyrant The seller's Skype is: footysgold
  5. Just a small reminder incase you guys dont know, there is still problems with the ScapeRune random if you could fix it that would be great
  6. Thank you very much
  7. I have a very fast computer with 16GB of RAM, what should I add the max heap size to roughly? I run 8 bots Any help appreciated, thanks
  8. Everytime I try to close a tab of an account that is done botting half the time the client will just freeze and turn all white and close all the other tabs, this has been happening for about a week now does anyone know a solution to this? :/ Thanks