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  1. Hey there I got 80M RS3 GP from my main laying around. I just recently started playing OSRS again and would like some gp to get going. I got exactly 80M after selling my bank and would like to swap it for 16M OSRS GP. I will not go first as I've only sold 3 times in my past and got charged back $144 USD in one of the sales. I have no problem at all using a middleman and of course, you have the option of going first. Send me a PM for an instant response and we can message through skype or whatnot.
  2. SELLING 07 RSGP FOR CHEAP (0M IN STOCK) [restocking]

  3. Out of stock, currently restocking will update stock
  4. I got 44m stock atm, if you or anyone needs feel free to pm for cheap prices.
  5. Forgot to mention im selling at $2.5/m , I will update what my current stock is
  6. Selling gold in 07 at $2.5/M. pm for skype first time selling gold on this site, any feedback is welcome and no problem if you want to use a middleman Stock : 0m (restocking)
  7. Just a small reminder incase you guys dont know, there is still problems with the ScapeRune random if you could fix it that would be great
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