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  1. Please update the bakers stall. When attacked by a guard it runs west and take like 30 seconds to get back to the stall. You should make it so it only has to take 2 steps east so it can go back to the stall in 2 seconds verses 30.
  2. Great script. But can you please make black salamanders more efficient currently only getting 60k an hour. Should be 90k+
  3. Car

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Yea this is a beautiful, flawless script!
  4. Jagex has this new system to see if you're using a third party software besides their client or osbuddy. NO matter what bot you use on tribot, if you're reported and a Jagex moderator sees that you're using a third party software. You will be banned for botting.
  5. Nature rune Ardougne Chest's do not work! I just purchased mainly for that reason and was sad to see what I did. It'll run to the bank and withdraw a fire staff, then the client error says "no dwarf remains in bank" and it'll log off.
  6. good luck on your finals man I wish you luck. whenever you have the time please fix the running back and forth bug at shilo, thanks.
  7. I just purchased this script. When running back from the bank in shilo village to find a fishing spot, it'll run back in forth. Please fix this or I would kindly ask for a refund.
  8. Love to see this script 100% flawless again.. By far the best bot I've used on Runescape....
  9. Hey I used to own this script. But now it says that I need to purchase? Re-add for me please
  10. I have sharks in my inventory, but the script says out of food and runs to the bank to withdraw 24 stamina pots? lol