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  1. I just purchased this script. When running back from the bank in shilo village to find a fishing spot, it'll run back in forth. Please fix this or I would kindly ask for a refund.
  2. Love to see this script 100% flawless again.. By far the best bot I've used on Runescape....
  3. Hey I used to own this script. But now it says that I need to purchase? Re-add for me please
  4. I have sharks in my inventory, but the script says out of food and runs to the bank to withdraw 24 stamina pots? lol
  5. Hey Tri, idk if you remember me.. but I bought the script when it first came out and always had good proggies for you! Can you activate the script for me? It says that I have to purchase...?
  6. I'd love to see this script up again, until then is there a possibility at a refund??
  7. When I setup the script for Dragon Bones on a friends altar, it withdraws 1 tinderbox, 1 marrentill, and 3 Dragon bones... why
  8. someone report it as inactive... I did it to one of USA's and he fixed it asap
  9. My logic path ends during the destination to the cave, so don't say it is my problem and I need longer sleeps if my logic is stopping on the way there.
  10. Every comment on this script is a complaint... I don't understand why you don't look into these problems and fix them, you are basing your solution off of previous knowledge on the bot, well guess what something has changed and something is different, it isn't "us" (15+ people) with similar problems lol... I just ask of you to look into it, make a path to a monster where people are complaining and then you will see that your script logic is indeed broken. And hopefully you can fix it!
  11. So happy I purchased this script. Gets me the levels I want, it is fast and efficient
  12. Assume, please just listen to your customers 10+ ppl said logic is broken, if you honestly don't think it is then make a path to jellies and prove it works. I am so tempted to make a script dispute because 10+ people say its broken and you say it's not. You don't care to test it or prove it... ALL I am asking is for you to make a path to Jellies from cammy bank and do 1 good trip then show me. THANKS
  13. Theres your problem @Assume oldschool runescape was drastically updated with new monster, places, ID's, and everything... It was updated to where the new logic doesn't work... Please fix. If you are SOOOO convinced that it works, try making a path to Jellies... I will give you an acc to test it!