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  1. that made my day
  2. have u guys heard about a term called "troll"?
  3. Don't think this is allowed.
  4. it says "you do not meet the requirements for this program. You must have a mouse reporting rate of 1000/sec
  5. i get this whenever i run tribot. [20:56:50] TRiBot Release 9.211_5 loaded. (1.7.0_67:C:\Program Files\Java\jre7)[20:56:51] Loading human mouse movement data.[20:56:51] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found.
  6. Description of the bug (be specific): im facing same issue. When connection error exception occurs ive notices that tribot.org in browser says identity cannot be verified and theres a red cross over security lock. How often the bug occurs: randomly. Currently every 30mins or an hour Triggers of the bug (if known): Java version: jre7 Max Heap Size: 1024 TRiBot client version: latest. dunno how to get exact version Operating System: windows 7 ultimate x64 Script Name: exmerchanter free TRiBot Old-School or RS3: old school Client Debug: Bot Debug:
  7. updated , broke coz of interface update but i was reallly busy should work fine now
  8. rs update broke it , updated
  9. ummm tribot doesn't have a database about RS accounts though ?? very little they can do with tribot accounts and these things are very rare
  10. do randoms manually and use autoclicker if u want to be relatively safe
  11. erm hardware bans ? ips are never the only thing , there are ways to flag hardware specially using java
  12. damn varrock dog community wants this guy banned now ?!
  13. don't bot on account and it will be safe ......i.p flag exists however there is no thing like i.p ban
  14. i have no words on this update!!!!!!
  15. using pure essence or normal essence? i assume u r using normal essence