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  1. you sold them? how much do they sell for and did you use a script to sell them?
  2. Compcape

    pm me

    add me on skype?
  3. Compcape

    pm me

    pm on tribot if you can write a simple yet flawless script.
  4. Compcape

    staking pure.

    if i wanted to sell my staking pure when i get its stats to 70/81/40 how much could i get for it?
  5. assume told me to get 70 81 40
  6. i want to buy this script... but first i need a stake pure... whats best stats for a mid lvl dds+whip staking acc?
  7. Compcape

    staking build

    i want a whip/dds pure whats best stats for staking?
  8. i want a whip/dds staker, 1 pray whats best lvls to have?
  9. would you trade access for thr script for acess to an acc?
  10. still forgot tiara and got stuck for me nvm it works still needs to learn to drink energy pots effectily
  11. script works great now, except i noticed it keeps banking the law tiara and sits outside alter for some time (idk how long) and then logs of... any idea why it keeps unequiping it and banking it?
  12. is this high banrate for mains? like if i pvmed and watched it would i get banned?
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