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  1. you sold them? how much do they sell for and did you use a script to sell them?
  2. Compcape

    pm me

    add me on skype?
  3. Compcape

    pm me

    pm on tribot if you can write a simple yet flawless script.
  4. Compcape

    staking pure.

    if i wanted to sell my staking pure when i get its stats to 70/81/40 how much could i get for it?
  5. assume told me to get 70 81 40
  6. i want to buy this script... but first i need a stake pure... whats best stats for a mid lvl dds+whip staking acc?
  7. Compcape

    staking build

    i want a whip/dds pure whats best stats for staking?
  8. i want a whip/dds staker, 1 pray whats best lvls to have?
  9. would you trade access for thr script for acess to an acc?
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