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  1. Hello there, so I have a 70/99/40 88hp staker, and I want to know would be good for whipping? Should raise some range for hp purposes? (range is 1lvl atm) And maybe I should get 70 defence? Please give me an advice on those. thanks
  2. So recently my account was hijacked, I recovered it, tried to log in, and JAG was set up, so ofcourse I contacted jagex to take it off, few days have passed now and I didn't get a response. As I know, JAG is no longer being developed, so does that mean there is no service for it too? I'm not panicing or anything, just wondering. If the service is still up, how long do you think it takes to respond them? Cause when I made a ticket about the account recovery they responded in 30min or something like that. So please inform me if you know something, thanks.
  3. Everything seems good now, but theres still some glitch in world hopping, when the bot switches to a world, if theres an impling around, it will stay to catch it and log out after x mins of unsuccesful hunt, but if theres not, it will logout and repeat the world switching until theres an impling around. I hope I explained everything good and you understand whats the problem.
  4. World hopping still broken... keeps spamming worlds all over again, please take a look at that.
  5. This. Tri, could you run the script yourself and check the bugs? Cause it seems like the updates aren't helping at all.
  6. Okay, sorry for that, well then maybe you could let me know how to check when the script has become free?
  7. He clearly made it free, so he wouldn't need to update it, because he didn't. And why couldn't I get a refund? I mean I paid for the lifetime auth, that's what I should get, I mean it doesn't matter if I made my money back with the script (which I didn't) I bought the LIFETIME auth, and that's what I should have.
  8. Hello there, so I'm just making sure, if I bought a script (I have purchase proof and all) and the scripter has stopped updating it etc. and on top of that, he made the script free (so you basically couldn't dispute it) so my question is, can I dispute the script? P.S. The script is "HamoodCrawlers"
  9. https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/661 bank.
  10. When starting the script, I get the experiments script gui for 1 second, and then I get the message that the maximum instances has been surpassed, though they weren't, anyone else?
  11. So if I will deactivate a premium script, will I still have the auth I bought? I'm just making sure. Thanks
  12. Neymar = Messi + Ronaldo hybrid? Seriously? I mean I agree with the Messi part, cause now he doesnt do much, but cant disagree more with Ronaldo part, Ronaldo is 10x better than Neymar. And to predict who is gonna win is silly, I just know that Portugal will be in the finals, thats guaranteed, I mean look at what Ronaldo did in the UEFA this year, that was out of everyones league, so yeah, my predictions are that Portugal will be in the finals, win or lose, they will be there.