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  1. matteb

    TRiBot Release 9.228_0

    you the man !
  2. matteb

    Account Manager Password

    support bot panel should have a separate apssword also
  3. matteb

    Bat Account Creator

    if this thing would skip tutorial and run to ge and talk to ge manager this would be worth shitloads edit: tried out wont click create free account, fails all the time fix and premium
  4. matteb

    TRiBot Freeze Debug Program

    having also heap size problem cant run no more than few hours trilez theres a memoryleak and it wasnt there before running the same script but now have the problem
  5. bot runs to north and wont go back to bank memory leakwill run out of memory 256mb
  6. MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER CONTENT POLL | VOTE YES FOR THE GRAND EXCHANGE IN OLD SCHOOL http://www.oldschool.PHISHING_LINKrs.co.vu//m=poll/c=pLigTZaqMtO/vote.ws?id=7278

  7. matteb

    Lumbridge flax spinner

    There is NO decent spinner. ALl of them fail and misclick horribly. If someone could make a premium one or even a free one that is working
  8. matteb

    USA's Lumbridge Flax Spinner [FREE]

    there are no decent bow string scripts please update
  9. matteb


    The beta doesn't have prayer pot option tho :/
  10. wont run from troll in barbarian, died once and had to run myself second time