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  1. you the man !
  2. yohojo answers once per 2 days, nice. Havent been able to buy some proxies for a long time. Good business!
  3. how many bots with linux6 the best one?
  4. support bot panel should have a separate apssword also
  5. too few ips not accurate information should show the one you posted also then?
  6. http://heartbleed.com/
  7. can you check ip logins with tribot client?
  8. If trilez reads this please give me information
  9. latest is via iphone and 3g network changing password ofc but how did he do it ? all 4 computers they all are only used to bot
  10. guy who cleaned started doing it 1:58 gmt+2 last night has ended scripts one by one email log showing
  11. script has been manualy closed i think since it doesnt have any errors..... can a mod check my ip logs?
  12. dude i run 17 bots i'm not dumb i have 4 different computers and all my bots are at lumbridge and my main isnt