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  1. @Optimus Got lunars to use this for string jewelry, is there any way you could add using the banks Deposit/withdraw all so it can left click instead of right clicking deposit every time? Looks super bot like and I will be purchasing as soon as u could implement this! thanks in advance Edit: and possibly utilize Escape for closing the bank instead of clicking the x? this script would be A1 with these 2 small changes! thank you again Edit2: just changed it to all and thats working perfectly, my bad on that one is there a toggle to change the Esc for close though? sorry for the spam i love your script otherwise
  2. Hey @erickho123 this script is fantastic I have maxed multiple accounts with 0 problems! I posted a while back asking if you could add looting long and curved bones and I’m going to buy another auth and start again this week and I would love if you could add this, I know nothing about script writing but if you could add it it would definitely be an awesome feature to get a ton of free construction xp on the road to 99/99/99! Anyways thanks again I’ve purchased your script many times and I will be again soon!
  3. all but 2 of them drop big bones and long/curved bones. It's been several times where i check on the bot and there was one of those fairly rare bones lying on the floor which could b 4.5 or 6k cons xp which is a lot even if you only got 50 on the way to 99 thats a fair amount of free cons xp. arrg, ice king and moss giant but dad also drops as well - and its definitely more human-like since they buffed the xp and they are worth picking up
  4. @Worthy any news on this bug being fixed? am i going to get all these days that its not working added to my auth? would love to be using this every day lol
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