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  1. After your bot crashes, restart your computer. That should help. If it doesn't, or potentially even if it does, then here is the process to log bots out from the website: Look on the left of the forum at "Navigation". Click on "Bot Panel". This will show you any running instances of tribot, or keys to tribot. Kill any active sessions and then restart your computer, wait 15 minutes and try again. Add my skype if you need further assistance.
  2. The most valuable thing you can do is find a farming method which works in the long term on one bot, then expand from there. Trying to force detected farming methods to work is not going to happen.
  3. Could be ISP issues. Try to run a different socks5 program, maybe the HTTP proxy is up but the Socks5 is down for your proxy provider.
  4. I do not have much experience with the rs3 client, but i've heard it's very buggy. Try deleting .tribot from your Application Data folder, as well as any 'jagex' folders within. If that doesn't work, try another computer to rule out network issues.
  5. Tribot on rs3 is known to be buggy, try another computer to rule out network issues. I'm taking your word for it that you took those basic troubleshooting steps already.
  6. Tribot works from Socks5. You definitely need that support for the proxy to work. If the proxy ALSO supports http, then it should still work, as long as it has Socks5.
  7. Try updating to Java 8, this solves a lot of problems. Also clear your .tribot cache in application data. If those fail, go into your tribot account management and clear any running instances.
  8. Try updating to Java 8, this solves a lot of problems.
  9. I'm not an expert any more, but I've heard it's very hard to bot safely now. It's not just you having problems.
  10. The forums shows you are VIP now, hopefully this issue has been resolved!
  11. Try installing Java 8, and deleting .tribot from your Application Data folder. Google how to find that folder on your OS, if you need to. Run the bot again and see if it works.
  12. Reinstall Java 8 on the broken VPS. Then delete .tribot.
  13. Reinstall with java 8.
  14. Probably a firewall issue then. Try deleting .tribot from your Application Data folder as well.
  15. It might just be a verification delay, try again in an hour and post back if it doesn't work.