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  1. I think none of us know what we're talking about. I certainly won't tout an opinion, threads like this can be entertaining but they certainly aren't as serious as the subject matter. What are we going to do, send our slayer bots for a counter-attack? Rofl
  2. If you're only running 1-4 accounts, do it manually. If you're planning to farm with 20+ accounts or something ridiculous, it's unrealistic to not bot it. As far as I know the risk is there. For a period of time in April/May just running the tribot client on tutorial island and playing legit would get you banned.
  3. I used to make massive amounts of IRL cash goldfarming. I wouldn't currently recommend attempting it. Gold prices skyrocketed for a reason.
  4. Moderators are trustworthy, until they turn evil!
  5. I don't know of any software to use for proxy hosting. You'll need to support socks5, and possibly http (not sure).
  6. You don't need any special software, just login info, unless you're hosting the proxies for other people to use. Proxiesnow and proxyblaze are known to work with tribot, but many people claim them to be long since flagged for bans on Runescape. Alternatively, you can buy a proxy from the service forum, or elsewhere. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/62-services/
  7. If you are telling us the truth that you never got phished, then you probably have a major virus on your computer. By the sounds of the collateral and the timing, he probably has access to your keys, webcam, screen, and everything. These can come from many sources, not just runescape related websites. You may have opened a questionable executable at some point, and either omitted it or forgot. If your browser is insecure, you can pick up viruses from javascript. Scan your computer with all of these programs (they're all free): Malware Bytes AVG Free Rat Scanner Keylogger Detector
  8. Yes, it can get chain banned. Will it though? Probably not.
  9. I experienced the same thing while posting on Bukkit. While my major plugin was popular on there, I would experience middle schoolers coming to me, asking for a massive project for free. I checked their age profiles, it was actually children. They got really angry when I turned them down. It's just something that happens when you market to the public, but ESPECIALLY video games marketed to younger teenagers.
  10. After burning through about 300-400 bot accounts, trading to the same mule, the mule is still untouched. Unless Jagex has changed, it should be fine.
  11. The best method is relative to you. We can tell you gold per hour rates, but a LOT more goes into your farm planning than just rates.
  12. As far as I know, NPCs and Object ID values often change. GroundItems and Inventory item ID values do not.
  13. I've had mixed results with accounts getting banned quickly on tutorial island without botting. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. The client definitely isn't detectable 'overall'. I'd suggest doing tutorial island legit for non-gold farming accounts, based on my experiences.
  14. Jagex only bans for RWT manually and they collect data over months. It does happen, especially for mass gold farmers. It is rare unless you are a mega-farmer, though. I would not suggest doing any RWT or bot trading on a non-botted main. If you HAVE to, pking>dropping>staking>trading. Again, the risk is minimal for any of them.