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  1. i read it correctly and if you read my post i said " home teleport " as in tabs...i followed the image posted exactly from 1 of each loot + tabs do i had home tele tab...
  2. any chance you need a tester? i would really love to test this script
  3. i tried this bot and it worked fine for a while .... and i had my invent exactly like picture you posted in the intro i was baby sitting it for about 40 minutes thought well its going fine so went to wash the dishes and when i came back i was in lumby...instead of using the home teleport tab it just took hits i presumed until i read the game chat...kept spamming you have no bones left....so i because of this script i lost 200 bones to peaches tabs dragon legs and zerker helm.
  4. any chance you will be updating to level 2 clues or will it stay at level 1? is there also a chance of adding an updates to come / future updates bit on page 1?? i really like reading those lol.
  5. looking really good i know this is going to be free but if you release death plateau i will donate
  6. okay this is actually really good exp i was getting 38k an hour on my 1 attack 1 def obby mauler but i would really appreciate even donate if you could add for a master/master type thing so me and my friend pure friend both eat.
  7. your script here is brilliant i would be very up for using it lol also any chance of an xp an hour added to script???? been havign an argument with a friend i have fighter ring bot which gets me 15k an hour on 1 attack 72 str 1 def obby pure and he sayign he gets more exp at cows we need to solve with arguement with an exp counter lol as were similar levels.
  8. i used 139 planks + 450ish bronze nails to get from level 1 - 19 con.
  9. also just hit level 8 construction and still making level 1 chairs
  10. working good for but a small suggestion could you make a mouse speed chooser please i think it moves very bot like and also try make the mouse actions more fluid not so stand to attention style. it doesnt even move the mouse it teleports from 1 part of thes screen to the other
  11. he isnt banned anymore so stop complaining
  12. i think you should get some real scripters help on this its got a good foundation with real potential
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