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  1. Don't let them know, more xp for us!
  2. Legend. That's what will get you far my friend, fast responses. Thanks
  3. Welcome back mate, awseome script. I'd prefered gold bracelets as it gives decent crafting xp.
  4. My signature says it all. Awesome script.
  5. There's about 1M topics with this exact issue, it's very common.
  6. Do you mind deleting your post plese. If you can't remove the post atleast delete the pic and change the text
  7. https://tribot.org/download.php make sure you have Java
  8. Try turning it off. Windows firewall and any other 3rd party firewall.
  9. Very neat designs, good luck!
  10. Account sharing/trading is prohibited on Tribot bucko. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/136-tribot-forums-rules/
  11. Try messing with your firewall first before trying anything else. Try using JDK 1.8.0_102.
  12. zdogg

    safely botting?

    I'd always try to get atleast 1/4 months play time on the account before botting, even if it's just bank standing.
  13. A lot of people have trouble using Runelite so i'd just keep it osbuddy for now. Good luck
  14. I'd use Osbuddy, works like a charm.
  15. usually when buying "private socks" they are still data-center.
  16. zdogg


    i'd recommend using a level service. Dax's good but high ban rate for most hunting.
  17. zdogg

    safely botting?

    Depends on the skill. Afk skills such as MLM you can do 12 hours run > 12 hour breaks. Non afk skills such as agility and runecrafting i'd do 4/6 hours run > 20/18 hour breaks.
  18. zdogg

    2 day or perm?

    This is commonly the case,
  19. The scripting community is still pretty alive. There's loads of platforms and discords. Welcome back
  20. I think it's great at the moment.
  21. You need to start using scripts smarter, i,e different ABC options & random break timers.
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