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  1. zdogg

    Looking for script ideas

    I'd say noewdays whoever is botting for regular/simple stuff would be ironmen/women. Personally i'd like a Oak cutting script that converts logs to planks then banks in the woodcutting guilld.
  2. zdogg

    VIP on account/forums not on client?

    Usually works instantly. Restart the client and give it a moment to refresh.
  3. Update has implemented to a new thieving system. Any plans to update the script accordingly? Thanks
  4. zdogg

    Bots banned after 30 mins

    Try to be legitimate. Join a CC and respond every few hours.
  5. zdogg

    New to Botting!

    It's actually quite a process to getting into botting efficently and smart. First is to think of what end goal you want. Always read up, research what and how the best methods are before going ahead with any kind of script/method to prevent you getting banned and wastin your valuble time. Whatever idea you are thinking of, over 10,000 boffs have already though of so remember to keep your plans easy to make your life easier. good luck!
  6. zdogg

    Enter the Abyss script?

    That's because there is none my friend.
  7. zdogg

    [P] Request - Bank organizer and value

    Very comical.
  8. Sounds like a very simple script
  9. zdogg

    Break Handler

    Yep, you only have the option to do each botting session manually unless you keep the option on "repeat". I personally like to do 6 hour run and 12 hour break, so therfore you can leave it on 24/7.
  10. zdogg

    Looking Glass

    You can Add VIP-E ontop of the VIP.
  11. zdogg

    looking to get full custom hunting script!

    You could probably use free hunting scripts just make sure ABC10 is activated.
  12. zdogg

    [R] Oak planker

    Request to make a script that sits in woodcutting guild cutting oak logs > then hits up the planker a few steps away to convert > Deposit box few steps away. Simple and efficient for construction.
  13. zdogg

    [R] Oak planker

    Appreciate you man!
  14. zdogg

    WTB - Nature Runecrafting private script

    would you like it catered for Abbys?
  15. zdogg

    Client lagging in all situations

    Keep the Osbuddy client minimized at all times when using LG.
  16. zdogg

    question about bans, prob not a repeat.

    Only reason why i would/could be caught bottong is because of the script i was using. Consider this a lesson to not use that specific script again.
  17. zdogg

    Banning non stop

    Maybe the proxys are flagged. I preffer making accounts on my home IP's.
  18. zdogg

    Appealing a 2 day ban

    Whatever you botted that got you caught was either an obvious script or you botted for too long. That's my take.
  19. zdogg

    Do flagged IPs ever become unflagged?

    Who did you hear this from?
  20. zdogg

    Einstein Area Builder [Scripting Tool]

    Yes! i can finally become a scripter! lol
  21. zdogg

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    I always wondered why it logged out after getting 1 defender.
  22. zdogg

    Which Script for Max CB account

    I think the perfect scripts for mains could be aMiner (on motherload mine settings) Barrows aAgility (with/whilst alching) Tri AIO Combat at high level mob in Gielinor Master Chopper AIO at Woodcutting Guild
  23. zdogg

    ANTI BAN idea

    A nice autp typer with the standard commands as "./nah bro she's a trap" to put off the occational report.
  24. zdogg

    Pureleaf's private messenger

    I think what would be cool is a set typer every 30mins - 2 hours. A list of sentances/words begining with "./" for example "./lol yh", "./idk bro depends" Reason for this is to indicate the player is trying to type into the clan chat but adds a fullstop before the / by accident. Thoughts?
  25. I prefer Tri's combat as it does every mob in the game, including sand/rock crabs.