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  1. Mass Account Creation Help

    or manage a way to mass create accounts because someone else is & making a big buck from you not knowing. some more research and imagination is needed ofc. Goodluck!
  2. - WHOMEVER scripter or random botter wanting to help assist the scripters with bug trial error runs to test out the script & get this Slayer Bot fully functioning! - I have a team of scripters and testers in the beginning of a project preparing all jets to dish out a Slayer script for the Tribot community! We will need some casual botters & scripters with the passion and optimism to carry this community to greater lengths and overcome many obstacles Jagex puts in our way! I love this community and want to help assist the scripting/botting world behind RSOS. I wont ramble on too much, i just wanted to see if there is anyone to reach out to who are also interested in a working slayer script. Join the xSlayer Script Discord server if you are interested in assisting the project ↓↓↓ by clicking the discord button below ↓↓↓ ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓ EDIT / CURRENT UPDATES ; 04/07/2017 - I Have successfully gathered a group of individuals including scripters & testers working together in a discord server on a project to create a fully functional SLAYER script in RSOS. __________________________________ 10/07/2017 - The team and i have acquired almost every monster/slayer NPC in game, ready to implement the data. __________________________________ 05/10/2017 - Aquired many more enthusiastic scripters to the team in assisting to make this script very possible! There is progress. __________________________________ Whoever wants a working SLAYER script LIKE THIS post
  3. Can't get LG to hook to OSBuddy client

    What computer specs?
  4. Can't get LG to hook to OSBuddy client

    Delete all Java from your system and try again with Java 8.

    I'm gonna say keep positive and smart! Good luck
  6. ★✯⚔ SLAYER SCRIPT ⚔✯★

    HEHE! Appreciate the input guys
  7. Antiban

    I think we just need a rogue to expose Jagex's banning methods, then we will be laughing
  8. Can't get LG to hook to OSBuddy client

    Try running the client with your PC firewalls off & any anti-virus off.
  9. Looking glass[HELP]

  10. There are already scripts on the Tribot Repo with these script ideas. Feel free to browse the "Repository" to see.
  11. Selling account help

    Hi, welcome. Becareful when trading any kind of account/money. Although trading accounts on this website is against the rules, you can ask for help but nothing more. Good luck
  12. ★✯⚔ SLAYER SCRIPT ⚔✯★

    He knows where to find me
  13. Looking for Waterbirth Script,

    Then i recomend suggesting that update. Most likely he won't have time but, worth a try.
  14. Looking for Waterbirth Script,

    You looked into this?
  15. ★✯⚔ SLAYER SCRIPT ⚔✯★

    Rough estimates could be false promised at the moment, either way there is movement. Whatever has been made so far will be open source soon so anyone can join in & speed up the gears. Awesomme, join the discord server and say hi!
  16. Creating accounts with proxies tends to get insta locked due to being underlined as sold proxies. Doing tutorial island on home IP then logging in with proxie should do the trick.
  17. Al-Karid Gansta Rap

  18. A friend of mine does these for fun, enjoy!
  19. left or right?

    Just realized left is a tank top. My type of clothing.
  20. Need a script

    I don't think there is a script for this yet, although you could request it to @Eru.
  21. Script to sell silk to silk trader

    I don't think there is a script for this yet, although you could request it to @Eru.
  22. Taking script requests for free

    This is an awsome request, good luck & have fun
  23. Taking script requests for free

    This is nice of you Eru, welcome!
  24. Getting Banned Alching Opinions?

    aAgility whilst alching is a good bet.