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  1. Try botting 2-3 at a time and whilst they're on break, run the other 2-3. I have a dynamic IP so im blessed to manage bans without issues.
  2. There aren't any scripts that support Teleport/Alch.
  3. that's exactly what we are dealing with. No one knows.
  4. I've read that playing with your bots movements in the middle of a sesh could be a bad thing, as the movements all of the sudden change compared to how the script was designed to do. I've managed to bot 12 hours straight for months without bans, some get caught some don't. Botting red chins is highly monitored, unless you scripted your own chinner to have a completely different approach to all of the chinning scripts out there & you should be fine.
  5. zdogg

    Client Starter

    lul gg
  6. zdogg

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Should get you 99 from 74 in 2 weeks if you run for 8ish hours a day.
  7. zdogg

    Im selling a baby bunny today

    I bet they taste good.
  8. zdogg

    I'm Back

    Hey man, depends on what you bot ofcourse, Jagex are always trying to sus us out
  9. zdogg

    Christmas Money Advice

    Hi! Welcome to Tribot, First of all let's think long-term. You want to bot an average 6-12 hours a day, everyday to maxmimize XP efficiency. Start with a aMiner script, stick your account in motherload mines for an entire month to use the script till the end. After you have used aMiner you should be 99 mining by now, therfore will not have to purchase it anymore, so we move onto another skill similar grind that's AFK. Woodcutting, using Master Chopper AIO is a great way to get 99 from Woodcutting guild. Don't forget the agility, a necessity for all players which is best performed by aAgility in my opinion. Buy some alches and stick the Alch option on to add some ANTI_BAN. If you want to do Agility Pyramids i'd recommend Relative Agility. For Combat, i use Optimus Combat & Magic, never really found a location that isn't insta-bannable but it's usefull for slayer for the meantime until a new Slayer script comes out I've had easy 99 thieving with LAN Theiver AIO. Auto wintertotd Pro is dope. NSmither. VIP-E is a nice lil feature for an extra 2$ so why not. Im pretty sure all these scripts i mentioned work witth LG. Rembember: bot for 6-12 hours max with 12 hour breaks. (probably start with 6 hour run time in the begining).
  10. Your bunny drawing has scarred me for life
  11. zdogg

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    Nice of you to post such a detailed post. In my experience it's all to do with RNG, some would say your tribot account. Been banned on the same IP and the next day i carry on botting my max mains. Just don't send pictures with your stats indicating you bot, most likely there are some Jagex mods patroling the forums/Discord. Then again, my tin-foil had does have a hole in it.
  12. proof of unflagged or didnt happen