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    It's something on your side, Tribot is no leak/threat. I am a constant user of this client and have not received any hacks. Sorry for your loss.

    Make sure not to use the same passwords across different websites/forums.
  3. Suicide botting an account w/ ExNMZ

    nothing 24/7 is safe.
  4. Botting in 2018 Questions

    Imo use LG. Complete some quests/achievments from time to time. Have fun!
  5. hi

  6. Abyss runecrafting

    use black, they are the lightest i think
  7. Slayer script?

    Hey guys, im happy someone is finally asking about a working slayer script. I tried to organize a team to get a legitimate free slayer script in the works but ended up losing track. Whenever any scripter here manges to get to any stage that requires co-ordinates or bug fixes please do make a discord and invite me as i shall put in my time to organizing and maintaining a channel dedicated to slayer. Thanks
  8. Tears of Guthix [Open Source]

    Good stuff!
  9. LG can't login????

    LG has been working perfectly for me.
  10. VIP + E is required. Is your problem resolved?
  11. Thanks for the quick response! where's the support rank - Could you possibly link the free dax script? ty
  12. I've PM'd Dax, waiting for a response. I can use this script on trial and it works fine.
  13. Hey guys!

    Hey! Welcome and i hope you see where the Tribot repo's lack and use incentive to create scripts that we need! Thanks