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  1. No its not a problem, there was an update ages ago. You used to be-able to afk guthans at nmz.. now jagex changed it so after 20-30 mins they stop attacking you?
  2. any? the update made them monsters stop auto atking after 20 mins, any scripts that attk them all? ty
  3. I know its against rules to buy on this site, but i was wondering if anyone could link me to a decent site? My main got banned couple years back and im looking to rejoin, just not farm combat again cause thats bs. Thanks
  4. or just pay for a chinese guy to do it, cheap af Zee
  5. LOL at that ^^ Yeah so its not really motivation, its just doing it if you want something, go and get it!
  6. I've got a feeling theres alot of people wonderin about this ABC 2.0 implement at this time. Therfore spam. Be patient and hopefully someone makes a post answering everyones questions. Zee
  7. Also, apply the debug options, just tick the suitable options on the debug list to show what / where the stuck is situated such as this : Zee
  8. Nothing you can do, just let the scripter know, providing the correct screen shots of where it freezes and put debug options on to indicate where the bot is standing ect. Zee
  9. I used to guthans to 99 on my old main, took longer but was safer and simple. Guthans! Guthans! Guthans! Guthans! PLEASE?? Thanks
  10. looking for a NMZ bot that i can use with guthans to just afk and get max cmb ty
  11. any idea what nmz script that could do guthans and rotate / get aggro again every 19 mins?? thanks
  12. Hey, late response. My main got caught for botting agility before the bank updates last year. Before that, i had been botting since i started, so around a year of constant botting. Had 9 99,s and max cmb. 92 slayer ect. then i streamed myself dueling my cash and popped it on bot by natural habits and forgot i was streaming LOL. gg
  13. Where can i train with my AIO Combat Script? I want to constantly bot to max combat. I used to NMZ with guthans, apparently that technique deos nott work any more, any suggestions? Thank you