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  1. zdogg

    question about bans, prob not a repeat.

    Only reason why i would/could be caught bottong is because of the script i was using. Consider this a lesson to not use that specific script again.
  2. zdogg

    Banning non stop

    Maybe the proxys are flagged. I preffer making accounts on my home IP's.
  3. zdogg

    Appealing a 2 day ban

    Whatever you botted that got you caught was either an obvious script or you botted for too long. That's my take.
  4. zdogg

    Do flagged IPs ever become unflagged?

    Who did you hear this from?
  5. zdogg

    Einstein Area Builder [Scripting Tool]

    Yes! i can finally become a scripter! lol
  6. zdogg

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    I always wondered why it logged out after getting 1 defender.
  7. zdogg

    Which Script for Max CB account

    I think the perfect scripts for mains could be aMiner (on motherload mine settings) Barrows aAgility (with/whilst alching) Tri AIO Combat at high level mob in Gielinor Master Chopper AIO at Woodcutting Guild
  8. zdogg

    ANTI BAN idea

    A nice autp typer with the standard commands as "./nah bro she's a trap" to put off the occational report.
  9. zdogg

    Pureleaf's private messenger

    I think what would be cool is a set typer every 30mins - 2 hours. A list of sentances/words begining with "./" for example "./lol yh", "./idk bro depends" Reason for this is to indicate the player is trying to type into the clan chat but adds a fullstop before the / by accident. Thoughts?
  10. I prefer Tri's combat as it does every mob in the game, including sand/rock crabs.
  11. zdogg

    Vip twice - Except zero?

    You will get alot of this in the future on these forums. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
  12. zdogg

    Is there any interest in vorkath script?

    There is better and much faster methods of money making without having to risk such an high account. If you are solely invested into your main and want to farm Vorkath on there then maybe the script is viable for you. Good luck!
  13. zdogg

    Why did I get so many bans?

    This is why some people buy pre-made low level accounts that are old from different sites. Also doing a few quests every month helps.
  14. zdogg

    Why did I get so many bans?

    If the accounts were made recently and botted in a common spot for a period of time, they will get banned almost indefinitely.
  15. zdogg

    Donation centre not working

    I like your profile picture!