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  1. zdogg


    Update, Screw this broken script. Encoded's Crafting script is free and works better.
  2. zdogg


    there is problem, stuck in bank. Ilikemonkfish.
  3. Yeah and i have 100 monkfish.
  4. I don't use LG and have received over 100M XP without getting banned on a main account. I'd recommend aMiner at MLM, aAgility with Alching option on. ABC2 + ABC10 comes with scripts without having to buy VIP E. Good luck!
  5. zdogg

    tribot not working

    Make sure to extract all Monkfish before restarting the client.
  6. zdogg

    Allow or deny

    real o.g with tha stank finga
  7. zdogg

    Does jagex track IP or account for hours/day?

    I can bot for 12 hours a day without any issues, then with a 12 hour break. Repeat. Depends on what you bot, if it's fast/slow pace.
  8. zdogg

    Does jagex track IP or account for hours/day?

    I spoke with a JMod about this and he/she told me it depends if you have monkfish on your account.
  9. zdogg

    Can’t download tribot client...

    Whatever issue you are having, there is a search box on the top right of this website where you can search. There are around 100 + guides explaining every possable problem that can/could occur. Good luck
  10. Yes, yes & yes! Keep doing it moving man! You have the entire community behind you guys ready to help test it and what not. Love u homie
  11. zdogg

    Artificial's Gilded Altar

    Good stuff homie
  12. zdogg

    bot freezes

    First problem is that you're using MAC. Windows for life homie.
  13. What purchase options will be available?
  14. I have been trying to get a Slayer script in progress on Tribot for years. Thanks guys!
  15. zdogg

    TRiBot Release 10.2_0 / 10.3_0

    aww shucks. my 100B monkfish farm is on hold cause of downtime!