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  1. Lol they won't release any information that could help botters understand how to avoid bans.
  2. Always active. Enjoy!
  3. zdogg

    Max Time To Bot

    Afk skills such as WC/MLM can easilly do 12hours run 12 hour breaks on repeat. More tedious skills such as agility 6 hours max a day.
  4. aAgility is older, 0 bugs. Many accounts with 99 via aAgi.
  5. Extra points if you make a female with the name something along the lines of "HC Sarah". Good luck!
  6. Managed several accounts ti 99 with Aagi. Make an account ironman and play legit until waterf>priest in peril is complete. Then bot away.
  7. I posted a thread regarding this exact issue, was removed some reason. Everyone eventually gets these e-mails, just ignore it. I think it was due to a DB leak? i don't remember exactly. Would be helpful if a mod could keep a post detailing what it is, to help avoid people getting mini-heart attacks.
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