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  1. Buying ALL Habbo GBS, Furnis, Rares, Rare names etc via OSRS GP! Offering prices that beat competitive buyers. Over 50 offsite vouches and over 100 PA vouches! Will happily show vouches on request. I do not read posts, please contact me by either Skype or Discord, thanks! Will go first to those who are deemed trusted within the community! To work out the best price, please add my skype by clicking below: My one and ONLY skype: XeruzZz Discord: kingupti#3111 If you are still not sure this is me, please PM me to confirm, I will NEVER deny a pm! Payment Methods: RSGP (Both versions) Paypal (Trusted users only) Any other game you would like to swap by, please PM me about it and I'll see if I could do it!
  2. What food does this bot need ? Everytime it says "No food, error restarting..." EDIT: I read it was Tuna, sorry, the script is flawless. However the only suggestion I have is for it to pick up the valuable items first, then proceed to collect the rest rather than clicking on top of the pile.. Good job on the bot!
  3. Need trail so I could see if it is worth purchasing VIP or not.. Will pay 500k Oldschool RSGP.. PM me!
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