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  1. BUY IT NOW! Monthly (3 accounts at a time/auth) USD: $10 (10 credits) RSGP: http://quickrsgp.com/buytribotcredits, (Enter 10 credits in the field, the system is fully automated.) Purchase link (requires 10 credits) https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/218-exnightmarezone/ I NO LONGER USE SKYPE. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Erick Ho#3027) You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority. ExNightMareZone is the one and only nightmare zone script that provides both hosting and selling. It has many features for both sides. Nightmare zone is one of the best ways to gain exp and gain money at the same time It is able to do absorption flicking method or even alert users their coffers are locked! Many users are very satisfied with their purchase with the script and have achieved over 100 hours of run time with the script. Users have gained over 2b+ EXP. Combat features: Script argument: Dynamic signatures: BUG REPORT FORMAT [FILL OUT] What is the ban rate on this script? Types of hosters, how much they make, and their requirements How do I play nightmare zone? GUI PICTURES: Progress reports:
  2. BUY IT NOW! Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $14.99 https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/619 Lifetime (One account/auth) $29.99 https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/620 RSGP: http://erickshop.com, (The system is fully automated.) I NO LONGER USE SKYPE. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Erick Ho#3027) You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority. Exrunecrafter is an advanced runecrafting script with unique features that makes it the fastest runecrafter on TRiBot and definitely any other competing websites. It is known for its speed, stability and many others features. These features include abyss crafting, and normal crafting! It has the potential to get up to 4K+ natures per hour, making it the fastest runecrafter on the market. Please refer to the specifics down below hidden in the spoiler tags Antiban [ABCL 10] Abyss Crafting Features! Normal crafting Features!: Pouch Retrieval Tool: FAQ: Setting up the script HOW TO RUNECRAFT?: SCRIPT ARGUMENT TO SKIP GUI: GET YOUR Dynamic Signature: GUI/Progress pictures
  3. BUY IT NOW! Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $10 https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/347 RSGP: https://quickrsgp.com/buytribotcredits, (The system is fully automated.) I NO LONGER USE SKYPE. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Erick Ho#3027) You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority. ExShopper (previously known as ExBuyer), is a script that buys or sell items from most stores on Runescape. It has been rewritten to be more: efficient, noob-friendly, features, and open the script to a variety of things. It has been used by many members on TRiBot and have gotten over 5+ days of runtime in one go. It has the ability to accurately sell items (including karjama shop) and buy items. Please take the time to read the spoilers below for a more detailed description of what the script is capable of. Antiban [ABCL 10]
  4. You need to add item ids into your bank list. For example, absorption pots in the bank list will make the script withdraw absorbs before going into game. For a standard user, absorbs + overload + rock cake id will do the trick. It's very customizable.
  5. ExCooker #1 AIO Cooker GET THE SCRIPT https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/984 Cooking features All foods supported, with a huge variation of foods to select from, also has a slot to input a custom ID.Rogues den fire supportedAl-kharid range supportedCatherby range supportedLumbridge range supportedAnti-ban compliance rating of 10 (Maximum level, read more here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/37358-new-premium-script-standards-working-to-reduce-bans/)Script argument (Allows you to skip the GUI)Task based system (I.E; cook 100 tunas, then cook 200 trouts, then 300 sharks.)Custom progressive system (You can chose what level to stop cooking. This allows you to get 1-99 cooking with just one click.)Loading settingsSaving settingsScreenshots all level ups and progress reports (upon ending script) and saves them to an folder found in your .tribot/ExCooker folderConfirmed compatibility with ExFarm v3 (Read developement log here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40009-exfarm-v3-development-log-compatible-with-nearly-all-scripts/)Setup: Add script by clicking "Add script" link aboveGo to the location you plan on cooking in. Either the bank, or the cooking range / fire.Start the scriptFill out the GUI (Should be simple enough)Important notes: "-1", "0", "1" in "level to stop" means that it will not use your cooking level to determine when to stop cooking"-1" in the amount to make means it will cook all of the specified items, until there is no more.Script arguments can be generated by clicking the "Generate Script arguments"Dynamic signature will not be added.I may add "Making" cooking items in the future, but this will only cook foods.This script collects data, read more here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/42185-excooker-aio-cooking-script-abcl-10-exfarm-ready-all-foods-task-based-progressive-leveling-script-argument/?p=524423 GUI PICTURES / PROGRESS REPORTS: Missing an item?: Fill out this format and I might just add it! Anything with an asterisk (*) means you HAVE to fill it out.Item name to cook*:Additional information:Missing an location?: Fill out this format and I might just add it! Anything with an asterisk (*) means you HAVE to fill it out. Location place*:Why is this place better compared to the other supported places? / what is your reason for having this place added*: BUG FORMAT (Fill it out or I ignore you.) Fill out this format and I might just add it! Anything with an asterisk (*) means you HAVE to fill it out. Script verison *:What is occuring? *:Item you are cooking *:Script GUI picture or script argument *:When did this bug start occuring for you? (I.E after RS update) *:How should i fix this?:Additional information:
  6. erickho123

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    It doesn't save you from hacks honestly.
  7. I'll look into autocasting today. RS Must've changed the interfaces again. What errors do you get? I'll take a look in the "random guzzle" option too, but I remember it working fine last time. I'll def give it a check today. For the other comments, that was during when TRiBot was down, so ofc ExNMZ wouldn't work. Be sure to delete hooks.dat if you face issues. The core functionality of ExNMZ is working just fine. Also, this is finals week for me, so I will have limited access. I'll definitely look into the above issues today though.
  8. It already does this. Just start the script logged in with the blowpipe filled with the darts you want. It will refill them automatically afterwards. The script is working fine. Please restart the client 2x if you are having issues.
  9. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Script's been updated for some improvements, cheers.
  10. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/47 Script argument (OPTIONAL, do not have to use, only use it if you want it to have it auto create your accounts) accountCreation:true-domainName:hotmail.com-password:chickenrice123-accountsToMake:30-minAccountCreationDelay:1-maxAccountCreationDelay:3-twocaptchakey:12312dasdasdasdasd222 The following argument will - Enable account creation (accountCreation:true) - Use the domain name ending hotmail.com (domainName:hotmail.com) - All of the accounts created will have the password chickenrice123 (password:chickenrice123) - It will create 30 accounts based on the information provided (accountsToMake:30) - Output the information of the accounts once it completes tutorial island in your .tribot/extutorial/accounts.txt - Sleep for a min of 1 minute to 3 minutes before making the next account - Use your 2 captcha API key: vkjasdir9toddisawesometbhsdczasdasdasdasdasd (REQURED) My accounts.txt can be found at "C:\Users\erick\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\Extutorial", your directory will vary depending on your OS and user pc name, but it will always be in your .tribot directory. Find your tribot directory and you will find your accounts.txt. Google how to find your .tribot directory. Bypassing google/runescape recatpcha & finding your 2captcha api key In order to bypass the captcha, you must pay a service (I DO NOT PROFIT OFF THIS) where humans solve the captchas for you and return back the answer. Fortunately, this is cheap (and cost like $0.60-3 for 1000 accounts to be made) Go to https://2captcha.com/ and buy some credits. Then find your API key by going here: https://2captcha.com/setting Enjoy! I keep getting blocked from making accounts! Stop using more than one client under the same ip to run the script. There's a limit to how many accounts you can make at a time before getting blocked under the same ip. My script now waits for it to get unblocked and will only make accounts at a certain pace to avoid getting blocked. Data is being collected: Where to place the script argument? Normally you will be placing it here: If you are using the client starter, visit my how to use the client starter guide to find where to place it. You will be placing it under the "script command" column. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/37410-how-to-use-tribot-client-starter-make-botting-easier-a-must-for-goldfarmers/
  11. Hey, Versace. Lifetime auths were removed. It wasn't a script specific decision. All scripts removed lifetime auths. I will send you pm with more detail, but check out the site news & topics on it already
  12. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Your computer is safe. The new firewall requests are from the RS client, not my script. There was over like 200 worlds added, so each world has a different ip address whenever you hop to them. You can disable firewall prompts by going to top of tribot, clicking file then settings and checking the disable firewall checkbox. After that, the script will resume to work.
  13. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    If you want to use custom, you can now just click "add all worlds" and it will add the worlds. Or you can add them urself by typing the world you want to hop to, and minus it by 300. I.e 525-300 = 225 I also added back the custom login error handler.
  14. The toggle is now added above prayers list. I highly suggest leaving the toggle on, but if you want maximum effiency, disable it (unhumanlike). As well, I have improved the randomization, so it mimics a user a lot better. Give it another try before disabling it. Also, I would disagree that it's "obvious". Really, obvious is really opinionated to a user's playing preference, but means nothing to Jagex's anti botting system. I suggest reading up more about it if you prefer. In any case, I will introduce toggles for antiban improvements from here on out, unless I deem it 100% necessarily. Cheers.
  15. As of 9/21/2015, the script has been renamed to ExMTA and owned by Erickho123. ALWAYS RUN THE SCRIPT IN LITE MODE AND FIXED MODE, NEVER USE RESIZABLE MODE Ex MTA Premium Want to purchase Ex MTA with 07 gp? You can buy repository credits from my website with 07 gp HERE. The system is fully automated and you will receive your credits usually within seconds. I NO LONGER USE SKYPE. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Erick Ho#3027) You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority. Features Alchemist's Playground: Finds the best item with ease and automatically deposits coins Telekinetic Theatre: Solves all of the telekinetic mazes dynamically Enchantment Chamber: Supports bonus items and dragonstone mode Graveyard: Supports both B2B and B2P Anti-ban Compliance Level 10: EX MTA Premium keeps your accounts safe Requirements and Information To play all four mini-games in the mage training arena, you will need to have at least 33 magic or higher The mage training arena is located just due north of the duel arena Any information about the mage training arena can be found here MTA profit calculator http://wertyoui.tumblr.com/mta To get the most accurate profit values, enter the zybez price for the three runes (nature, cosmic, and law) (defaults may not always be accurate) Pricing $3.99 - Monthly subscription for 1 account $11.99 - Monthly subscription for unlimited accounts $9.99 - One-time payment (lifetime) for 1 account Progress reports Change logs Most recent logs are at the top.
  16. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Have you tried restarting client x2? i cannot reduplicate this.
  17. Click the image to add the script click the link below to go the script. To add the script, click "Activate", simple as that! Alternative link if image not working: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1052-exgildedaltar/ It's really a simple script, I wrote it quickly but it works very well. I was too damn lazy to use 400 bones on the gilded altar, god cheating has ruined every game I've played so far lol. I may expand on this when I get more than 52 prayer. The goal of the script is to use bones on the gilded altar through a friend's house. Features ABCL 10 https://tribot.org/forums/topic/37358-new-premium-script-standards-working-to-reduce-bans/)Uses the "last name" optionFailsafe to stop the script if the script is unable to join a friend's houseUnlit detection so you don't loose that exp.Uses the bone only once until you level up because rs automatically uses the bones on the altar for you after your first one..Multiple bone supports (just seperate your bones ID by a "," for ex (541,332,4932)Randomized pathingShould be able to run nonstop if the house is avaliableHandles closed doorsHideable paintSetup: Add script by clicking "Add script" link aboveGo to a nearby bankStart the scriptFill out the GUI (Should be simple enough)Important notes: It requires a friend house.I may add other methods of training once I train my prayer higher.This script collects data read more here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/43490-abcl-10-exgildedaltar-joins-other-houses-and-trains-your-prayer/?p=524422
  18. erickho123

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Updated to reflect latest changes. Resizable works, too
  19. Sometimes it eats at 4, sometimes it eats at 3, sometimes it eats at 2 back to 1. Please ignore the paint and watch what the script does for 5 mins and you'll see. It just depends on how afk it is. A requested change from users. But I will make it a toggle for yall, i guess. It wastes more absorbs, because its not at maximum efficiency. A human isn't always perfect. Personally, I miss guzzles all the time when I'm afk or not paying attention but regardless it will be a toggle in future update today
  20. Restart tribot x2. Script is working fine, i believe. Also delete hooks.dat. Might've just been a runescape update bug. Let me know if issue persist and we can go from threre.