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  1. @simongek This seems fair considering you didn't reach out until 3 months later. I am closing the dispute because you should have disputed this much earlier. If you have additional evidence that proves the script was not working the majority of the time you owned the instance, and Optimus did not fix the issue, then you can reopen the dispute.
  2. I've added more specialized location supports and fixed a small loading errors with one shop. If the script didn't support your location before, try once again and it might work. If you have any special types of locations you want supported, let me know and I'll consider adding them. Basket refilling and sacks coming in next update.
  3. Megabank refuses to reply and has banned for scamming. Sorry for your loss, consider accepting BTC or another irreversible payment method in the future.
  4. Sounds like you dont have account selected in account manger? Try 30-35 second delay in the GUI settings. Seems to work for most. Also, try this new option I just added. (I suggest only enabling one or the other), but there is now an option to stay logged in for x amount of seconds before it world hops. In the mean time, the script will still buy/sell items. So now instead of sleeping, the script will operate.
  5. I hear if you set delay to around 20 seconds, it should work. Apparently you get 10 world hops, and every 30 seconds, you get another. I don't know how true this is. It works fine for me, but there was a bug in the IGN world hopper. I just fixed it. Can you try again? Also, you may have to increase the login delay. There was a bug with IGN world hopper, should be fixed.
  6. @megabank, please respond. As well, do you have pictures of the unauthorized transaction? PM me it if you are not comfortable posting here. Also, private messages on tribot would be helpful
  7. As people are aware, Jagex seemed to nerf world hopping by limiting number of logins and increasing the exceeded max logins timeout by 5+ minutes. The latest update that I just pushed slows down world hopping (with antiban), adds sleeps between hops, and also waits longer before clicking login to prevent refreshing the login cooldown. These options will become optional in the future, once more data is collected. Hopefully with this update, y'all will be able to run your shopping bots again! Edit: Looks like the longer click before clicking login won't work at the moment, because TRiBot added support for the login message (finally), but now it clicks it every 5 secs... Will file a client report about it lol Edit 2: It's now optional and you can determine how long it should sleep for now. It is in world hop settings.
  8. Yeah, monitoring closely.. Looks like they might've unintentionally nerfed world hopping buying. May also experiment with slowing down world hopping, but even with slow consistent world hopping, u can still get hit with the login prompt
  9. You can try using your own clicking methods if the default tribot API clicking method is too inaccurate for you. Or you can increase mouse speed
  10. Yes, there are multiple ids for items with same name. In fact, this is why I opted to use ids over names, because there are multiple items with same name that a user can have. For example, noted items have same name. The list is simply to help you find item ids, but you can always grab the EXACT item id of your inventory by going on top of TRibot, clicking debug and then inventory. This will overlay the exact item ids over your items in your inventory. I'm not saying you're retarded or stupid, but the reason why it could not find the strength potions is because the wrong item id (or rather wrong verision of the item) was inputted. i actually understand why item ids can be non userfriendly, so that's why I added the automatically import items for ya. Also, I just ran the script. I recommend restarting your TRiBot client because the script is working fine. Sometimes the client proposes issues that messes with EVERY script, and restarting the client once or twice fixes the issue. There wasn't a script update or runescape update to justify the script randomly breaking internally, so it might just be a client error. The script itself is very stable and hasnt been broken from any kind of runescape update in ages.
  11. TRiBot do not allow for account sales, we do not deal with account sales disputes. This trade did not happen on TRiBot, so dispute closed. We do have a no tolerance for off-site scamming, although. @Exe - if you believe you were scammed offsite, please post a new dispute with undeniable evidence of offsite scamming and the banned user. It appears CrazyGold is not banned on major rs trading platforms. @CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold - If you wish to pursue @Exe for offsite scamming, please read below as well.
  12. Random positioning already exists, in such that it won't walk to same tiles each time when walking to an area. Most players don't walk from corners to corners (and center) randomly per game. Actually, in my experience, most tend to choose one corner or center and stay there. The current logic and antiban of the script is just fine, and many people have gotten maxed accounts with it. In fact, such a play style would actually create a more noticable pattern if the feature was added. If you want to talk antiban, we can talk privately, but as of right now, the script is ABC2 compilant and I have had no issues with customers complaining about bans. Another point is emphasis is that over the past 3-4 years, you are first to bring to me about this. So I would say this feature is just to tailor to your playstyle (out of thousands), unfortunately. FYI, there is no focus on the hosting part anymore. The script was made while hosting NMZ was still popular for combat and money making, so hosting is still there to satisfy any customer that decides to use it. Perhaps, some one does not want to pay 22k/hr but 6k instead with their alts. Also, the item IDS are updated. Super combat Ids have not changed in years. Item Id's actually do not change. This is a human error because you put in the wrong ID. You can also debug ids by going top of TRiBot and clicking debug->Inventory. This will be helpful for other scripts out there too, because many still use ids. (as they never change) Finally, I understand that Ids are not the most user friendly way to go, so I added an automatically import inventory button to the script.
  13. RSBuddy is being used less and less. Most people I know use RL so overtime if RL takes over, then RSBuddy becomes more inacurate since it's based off their user's game data
  14. @wastedbro, seems like it's unable to parse prices like 12.5k, kmb values from ruenscape's ge prices
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