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  1. Depends on what it is getting stuck on for you. I have had no issues. If it is maximum instances, that is because you are running too many accounts a once. Or you lagged out and have to wait 15 mins.
  2. The script has been updated to include Verision 1.73 : Fixed number of games played Added more checks to detect if in combat in rare event that monsters become blocked Made random rock eating more humanlike by introducing a delay. Added a failsafe that if XP is not gained within 5 mins while in the NMZ GAME, the script will stop. @icezman @Jensen44
  3. 3. isn't true. Absorption drinking is randomized. 1 suggestion is good, i'll add it to next release. I hear ya, thank you for purchasing my script
  4. With the new checks I added, it should detect if the monsters are "stuck" or not and attack the monsters. But the situation was too rare for me to duplicate, so I also added another failsafe so that if it doesn't gain XP, it will shut down script as you asked. You can wait for the next update that'll be released today, i'll ping you when its uploaded.
  5. I did not ignore your request. I literally said a failsafe would be added my friend and gave you an alternative for time being. Please read previous posts. Edit: Going to upload the new verision tommrow after testing it a little bit more. I added more checks so that the script should detect if its really in combat or not. My previous logic actually should work, but the client API acts funny sometimes. As well, I added a failsafe so that if no xp is gained with a reasonable amount of time whenever inside a game, then the script stops. As well, I changed the logic to detect when a death occurs, because tribot client is acting up on receiving certain game messages. This update should fix any issues.
  6. There's a client bug where random events might cause the entire script to pause. Please disable dismissible random events. This is not a script issue Are you sure you have the item ID correctly? Put the Gmaul to spec at 50. Let me know if that resolve your issue. NMZ game set is being looked into rn.
  7. It's currently pending fix for tribot update. Please wait for tribot update.
  8. New pass login will be included tmrw. Same with hopefully the new arrow for world hopping. Use in-game world hopper for now.
  9. Script is working fine my friend. Couple of comments do not reflect 200+ accounts running my script
  10. A failsafe to stop script whenever script has not gained XP within 30 mins will be added once TRiBot script updating is fixed.
  11. Have the script logged in and select the autocast spell you want to cast, and it will do the rest. Make sure you specify the runes for the script to withdraw in the bank list.
  12. Antiban is integrated into the script. The debug is refering to the option where the script will randomly eat rock cake, instead of eating when it reaches 1.
  13. That's not a script issue. Go to file on top of tribot, click settings and then disable dismiss randoms. My script is extremely stable and doesn't stop unless it has too. Check ur client debug when the script stops to see why it stopped. It will tell you the reason. Hope that helps!
  14. Whenever you open up the tribot loader, it will have a Dev mode checkbox that you can click. It's where you enter ur tribot user and pass for the client. And yeah, it works on Dev mode bc the current client is broken for prayers (not script fault). Its been fixed and currently being tested. Hopefully it'll be updated today
  15. Looks like one more interface had to be changed. This only affected users who didn't have worlds sorted. Try again
  16. Bofs are flagged via automatic analysis, and even if a mod saw 40hp, that doesn't mean instaban. You have ur information wrong.
  17. That's not suspicious. that's not how jagex bot watch system works. In order for the script not to bank your rock cake, please add it to your bank list as well. The bank list portion of the gui defines what items will belong in your inventory before it enters the game. So include that along with your overloads and absorbs. Rerun the script and it should load up the correct script.
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